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May 2003


Published in Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association, 40:1 (2003), pp. 3. Copyright © 2003 National Center for State Courts. Used by permission. Online at


I’m very honored and humbled to be your President. The American Judges Association is a special organization with special attributes that no other judicial organization possesses. We are uniquely an association of judges, run by judges, for judges. And, we are uniquely an independent association of all judges. Every other judicial organization that I’m aware of has either a limited membership criterion (trial judges, Missouri judges, juvenile judges, federal judges, appellate judges, presiding judges, etc.) or it has an open membership but is controlled by someone else and is divided into impervious sections. These are all important and vital associations but not one of them does what the AJA does. We exist to serve all judges.

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