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Published in Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association, 44:1/2. Copyright © 2007-2008 National Center for State Courts. Used by permission.


Table of Contents:

Procedural Fairness: A Key Ingredient in Public Satisfaction by Kevin Burke and Steve Leben

Procedural Justice and the Courts By Tom R. Tyler

Procedural Fairness as a Court Reform Agenda by David B. Rottman

Children and Procedural Justice by Victoria Weisz, Twila Wingrove, and April Faith-Slaker

Procedural Fairness in the California Courts by Douglas Denton

The Perceptions of Self-Represented Tenants in a Community-Based Housing Court by Rashida Abuwala and Donald J. Farole

Decision Makers and Decision Recipients: Understanding Disparities in the Meaning of Fairness by Diane Sivasubramaniam and Larry Heuer

Fair Procedures, Yes. But We Dare Not Lose Sight of Fair Outcomes by Brian H. Bornstein and Hannah Dietrich

Adding Color to the White Paper: Time for a Robust Reciprocal Relationship Between Procedural Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudence by David B. Wexler

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