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Court Review, Volume 46, Issue 1-2, 65 pages


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6 A Review of Findings from the “Gender and Aggression Project” Informing Juvenile Justice Policy and Practice Through Gender-Sensitive Research (Candice L. Odgers, Marlene M. Moretti, & N. Dickon Reppucci)

10 Racial Disparities among Female Juvenile Offenders: The Contribution of Neighborhood Disadvantage and Exposure to Violence in Antisocial Behavior (Preeti Chauhan, Mandi L. Burnette, & N. Dickon Reppucci)

16 Profiles of Mental Disorder among Incarcerated Adolescent Females (Michael A. Russell & Emily G. Marston)

24 Substance Dependence Disorders and Patterns of Psychiatric Comorbidity among At-Risk Teens: Implications for Social Policy and Intervention (Ingrid Obsuth, Gillian K. Watson, & Marlene M. Moretti)

30 Incarcerated Girls’ Physical Health: Can the Juvenile Justice System Help to Reduce Long-Term Health Costs? (Summer J. Robins, Candice L. Odgers, & Michael A. Russell)

36 Predicting and Preventing Aggression and Violence Risk in High-Risk Girls: Lessons Learned and Cautionary Tales from the Gender and Aggression Project (Stephanie R. Penney & Zina Lee)

44 Social-Cognitive Processes Related to Risk for Aggression in Adolescents (Tania Bartolo, Maya Peled, & Marlene M. Moretti)

52 Romantic Relationships Matter for Girls’ Criminal Trajectories: Recommendations for Juvenile Justice (Barbara A. Oudekerk & N. Dickon Reppucci)

58 Translating Research into Intervention: Lessons Learned and New Directions (Marlene M. Moretti, Margaret Jackson, & Ingrid Obsuth)


2 Editor’s Note

3 Outgoing President’s Column

4 Incoming President’s Column

64 The Resource Page