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May 2005


Published in Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association, 42:1 (2005), pp. 3. Copyright © 2005 National Center for State Courts. Used by permission. Online at


The first 90 days of my term as president of the American Judges Association have had me criss-crossing this country to attend various judicial and court-related conferences. Family, friends, and colleagues constantly pester me on my fortunes as a frequent traveler. However, the reality of traveling is rushing to the airport, long and nervous waits in security lines, subjecting one’s self to non-consensual search and seizure, capacity-filled airplanes with cramped seats, awful microwaved hamburgers, delayed flights, irritable taxi drivers, foreign-speaking intern reservation clerks at the hotel, mini-bars, and “Save the World” notes about reusing your linens and towels. Oh yes, the glamor of travel! The fun continues with the silent ride in the hotel elevator, or until that silence is broken by the joker who quips, “I hope this is the express car!” and then, to make the elevator travel faster, proceeds to push the already lighted floor button.

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