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Court Review, Volume 51, Issue 3 (2015)


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Since January 2014, the website has been posting quarterly summaries of new research. The website was created in 2012 to provide background information about how to improve procedural fairness in courts and policing. The quarterly research reports make it easy for those who want to follow developments in this area to find descriptions of all the latest research in one place. In many cases, the report even links to the full-text articles.

These quarterly summaries are prepared by Justine Greve, M.A., a staff member with the Kansas Court of Appeals, and Shelley Spacek Miller, J.D., a staff member with the National Center for State Courts. They search the Internet and other sources to locate the most notable procedural-fairness scholarship released over the past three months. Their lists include everything from academic books and articles to presentations, reports, podcasts, and web resources. Magazine articles and news stories on procedural fairness are listed as well.