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Court Review, Volume 51, Issue 1 (2015)


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Two long-time National Center for State Courts executives have set out their recommendations for redesigning and improving courts in Reimagining Courts. The authors are Victor E. Flango, who recently retired as Executive Director of Program Resource Development, and Thomas M. Clarke, the Vice President for Research and Technology.

Flango and Clarke identify three key themes that tie their suggested reforms together: (1) a strong customer focus; (2) increased access to justice; and (3) more efficient delivery of services to litigants and other court stakeholders. They argue for such things as “building court services around the needs of court customers by using measurable standards to ensure that those services actually improve.” One way to implement such a goal is through the National Center’s “High Performance Court Framework” (see They also note that greater focus on court customers has a valuable payoff in treating parties with respect and dignity, a key ingredient in procedural justice.