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Court Review - Volume 55


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Have you heard about one of the proposals to change the U.S. Supreme Court? A current presidential candidate seeks to “depoliticize” the Court by enlarging it to 10 justices appointed as before and adding 5 more chosen by the unanimous vote of the other 10. As the Court becomes more and more the focus of public and political speculation, our annual case round-ups become more beneficial for judges. We are pleased to feature our U.S. Supreme Court Civil Case Review, Civil Cases in the Supreme Court’s October 2018 Term from Professor Todd Pettys of the University of Iowa College of Law. His insightful account is extremely useful to ground our comprehension of what actually took place this past term without media sensationalism. Many important and interesting issues come out of each U.S. Supreme Court term, and Professor Pettys’s guide is crucial to learning and understanding the full gamut.