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David Prince

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56 Ct. Rev. ___ (2020).


Used by permission.


In this issue we bring you a collection of articles addressing judicial leadership and management skills. This is a topic of particular interest to me and one that I think has been given far too little treatment in the resources provided to judicial officers. Most of us in the judiciary have not had the luxury of formal, or even informal, training in management, administrative, or leadership skills. Yet, because of our positions, we are routinely placed in roles requiring these skills in depth. More often than not, the nature of the issues we are called upon to address mean that we not only need to have these skills, we need to employ them at a high level of expertise. One of my long pet projects has been to bring resources to judges to help them with these challenges. I have been lucky enough to be part of a judicial branch that has valued and, at times, emphasized development of leadership skills in judicial officers. My hope is that we at Court Review will build a strong portfolio over the years to come of judicial leadership and management reference materials to help you. In the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that I teach these skills for the National Judicial College.