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Court Review - Volume 57


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Greetings my fellow jurists and Court Review readers,

I am overjoyed to begin my term serving as the 60th president of the American Judges Association. It is the rich history of this Association that humbles and makes me feel honored to lead at this challenging juncture in our journey. I view it as a privilege to be given the opportunity and responsibility to protect and preserve our legacy. I stand on the shoulders of 59 other AJA presidents who have guided this Association thus far, five of which hail from my great state of Louisiana: Judge G. Randall Whitmeyer, Judge Oliver S. Delery, Judge James F. McKay III, Judge Toni M. Higginbotham, and Judge John Conery. Realizing that the success of the American Judges Association is the result of the tireless efforts of so many others, I salute them for their tenacity and leadership. Their leadership is a model for us all. Our accomplishments of yesterday can only be sustained by the vigilance of today; therefore, we must all labor incessantly to sustain our beloved AJA.