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Wayne K. Gorman

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Court Review - Volume 58


Used by permission.


On January 18, 1997, in a restaurant in Toronto, Mr. Ian Golden, a black male, was observed by the police selling what they believed to be cocaine. As a result, he was arrested and searched. The search included a “pat-down” search, but also included the police undoing and pulling back Mr. Golden’s pants and underwear. The police saw a white substance within a clear plastic wrap protruding from between Mr. Golden’s buttocks. The police then forced Mr. Golden to bend over a table. Mr. Golden’s buttocks and genitalia were completely exposed. Mr. Golden defecated. The police retrieved a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves from one of the restaurant’s employees and removed the package. By this point, Mr. Golden was face-down on the floor. The package was found to contain 10.1 grams of crack cocaine.