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C. Juckette, H. Richards-Rissetto, H. E. Guerra Aldana and N. Martinez, "Using Virtual Reality and Photogrammetry to Enrich 3D Object Identity," 2018 3rd Digital Heritage International Congress (DigitalHERITAGE) held jointly with 2018 24th International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia (VSMM 2018), San Francisco, CA, USA, 2018, pp. 1-5.
doi: 10.1109/DigitalHeritage.2018.8810092


The creation of digital 3D models for cultural heritage is commonplace. With the advent of efficient and cost effective technologies archaeologists are making a plethora of digital assets. This paper evaluates the identity of 3D digital assets and explores how to enhance or expand that identity by integrating photogrammetric models into VR. We propose that when a digital object acquires spatial context from its virtual surroundings, it gains an identity in relation to that virtual space, the same way that embedding the object with metadata gives it a specific identity through its relationship to other information. We explore this concept by integrating reality-based photogrammetric models with hypothetical 3D reconstructions in VR to bring together “realism” and “reality” to help users form a spatial identity for the objects they are viewing and pursue a more interactive experience with both the embedded models and pursue new lines of archaeological inquiry.