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Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project, 1996-2011. Paper 5.


DOI: 10.5703/1288284316723


During the 2000 season the RCASP Survey Team surveyed approximately five square kilometers in the vicinity of Lamos and along the ridges surrounding the Adanda River valley in interior Rough Cilicia. Geoarchaeological inspection of beach, lagoon, and terrace deposits of the Hacimusa River was conducted by F. Sancar Ozaner and Hülya Caner. Together Ozaner and Caner identified the locations where geomorphological trenches would be excavated during the 2001 season. Caner also collected surface sediments from lagoonal deposits of the Hacimusa and Bickici Rivers for further analysis. Under the direction of Michael Hoff and Rhys Townsend, a preliminary architectural map was made of Lamos, including the fortress, the agora, and the necropolis. The walking team, directed by LuAnn Wandsnider identified forty cultural complexes, including three previously unknown urban sites -- Tomak Asarı (RC 0019), Govan Asarı (RC 0040), and Goçuk Asarı (RC 0030). Including Lamos, all four urban sites demonstrate significant concentrations of Hellenistic and Early Roman ceramic remains. Along with Hellenistic pottery, mortar-free, dressed stone masonry is visible in some monumental structures at Lamos. Additionally, concentrations of Late Roman pottery appear to be less predominant than those encountered at sites along the coastal ridge of the survey zone.