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Wandsnider, LuAnn

1992 The Spatial Dimension of Time. In Space, Time, and Archaeological Landscapes, edited by J. Rossignol and L. Wandsnider, pp. 257-282. Plenum Press, New York.


Copyright © 1992 Plenum Press (Springer Verlag). Used by permission.


Archaeological research depends on the temporal structural of archaeological deposits. Temporal structure includes deposit age and the sequencing or the relative temporal order of one deposit to another. Another aspect is the temporal scale and resolution, or the degree of contemporaneity shared by deposits, Archaeology is also concerned with ethnographic time, that domain in which formation events occur, i.e., the temporal characteristics of activities with respect to the piece of land on which those activities occur. This chapter explores the issue of temporal resolution or deposit grain is it relates to the tempo of use witnessed by a locale.