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People in general seem to harbor a natural fear toward many of the creatures inhabiting our yards and the land- scapes around us. Some of this fear is certainly understand- able, after all, a bee or wasp sting hurts! Others of these creatures are just creepy—spiders, mantids, ants, snakes, bats. If we stop and think about it, however, we’ll soon realize that we really don’t have much to fear and in fact there is much to be gained if we can find a way to better appreciate these creatures. The beautiful goldenrod invites crab spiders and soldier beetles who love to dine on aphids and other small insects. A milkweed will feed the larvae of the beautiful monarch (and many other species) while also scenting the garden with its sweet fragrance. Planting a penstemon will attract bumblebees, coneflowers will attract goldfinches, columbine will bring hummingbirds, a service- berry will feed many birds and an oak tree provides habitat for literally hundreds of species. These are all creatures to be celebrated, not feared.