Community and Regional Planning Program


Date of this Version

Spring 5-2015


Professional Project For the Degree: Master of Community and Regional Planning, Community and Regional Planning Program, College of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March 30, 2015.

Professional Project Advisory Committee:
Professor Gordon Scholz, Committee Chair
Professor Kim Wilson, Committee Member
Professor Zhenghong Tang, Committee Member
Kathleen Gottsch, Committee Member and Client Representative

Copyright (c) 2015 Tonya K. Carlson


Sarpy County has been experiencing rapid growth over the past several decades. Seeing the effects of rapid growth in other communities in Sarpy County, Springfield, Nebraska chose to be proactive in shaping the growth and aesthetics of their community. The Urban Design Master Plan is a measure taken by the city to ensure Springfield is fully ready for further growth. The purpose of this professional project is to provide Springfield with a tool that will help guide and influence future development.

The project begins by researching the history of Springfield. The community has remained relatively small in population, compared to other communities within Sarpy County, but Springfield is still experiencing a transformation from an agriculturally centered town, to one known for its tourist attractions. Design guidelines will assist that transition.

Elements from the Inventory and Analysis chapter such as land use, transportation patterns, floodplain, and slope, shape the patterns of growth within Springfield. These elements greatly influenced the final designs of the five urban design areas and their respective design guidelines.

Community involvement perhaps played the largest role in determining the five urban design areas. The community’s needs and desires were heard through interaction with participants during many public meetings. The urban design areas and guidelines were directly derived from these needs and desires.

A framework plan was ultimately developed from the information gathered from historical research, inventory, analysis, and community input. The framework plan directly identified the locations of the urban design areas.

The overarching goal of the Springfield, Nebraska Urban Design Master Plan is to help make Springfield a great community for its residents and all who visit. The designs and design guidelines of the Urban Design chapter are meant to provide the community with concepts of how to create inviting and more aesthetically pleasing entrance corridors, create a vital community center, provide residents with safe and convenient access to everyday amenities and services, and foster business, economic, and recreational growth in the City of Springfield.

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