Community and Regional Planning Program


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A Professional Project For the Degree Master of Community and Regional Planning, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Professional Project Advisory Committee: Professor Gordon Scholz, AICP, Chair; Professor Rodrigo Cantarero, PhD; Professor Yunwoo Nam, PhD. Client: Ed Zimmer, PhD Historic Preservation Planner, Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department
Lincoln, Nebraska: December 2012

Copyright (c) 2012 Stephanie Rouse


In 1984, Lincoln, Nebraska committed resources to renovating the Haymarket District to change it from a decayed manufacturing center into a viable business district. They successfully created a historic landmark district, commissioned a blight study and declared the area blighted, and then created a redevelopment plan. The 1984 Haymarket Redevelopment Plan examined the thencurrent district conditions and proposed future development that would support a thriving business district. Twenty-eight years later, that plan is being re-examined to determine what parts of the plan were realized, what the current district looks like, and how the current environment creates the need for an update to the original plan to guide future development.

This professional project is divided into four parts: research and analysis of historic characteristics; identification of the 1984 conditions; review of the current 2012 conditions and suggestions for future development the area to create a successful district; and developing tourism plan components to create a positive economic impact. The need for this project is due to the outdated nature of the original redevelopment plan as it did not project the construction of the Pinnacle Bank Arena or the West Haymarket development that is included with the Arena’s construction. This current document provides the information necessary for future development that should occur in the area in order to maintain the historic character of the area, while continuing to grow.