Community and Regional Planning Program


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A Professional Project for the Degree Master of Community and Regional Planning, Community and Regional Planning Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. December 2013.

Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel D. Moseman


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has recognized the importance of its student veteran and military member population and is undertaking a planning process to develop or improve its student veteran programs. The goal of this professional project is to present UNL with options and alternatives that could be used to develop these student veteran programs. The research associated with this project is timely and prudent, given the current reduction in military force size and the anticipated return of many thousand service members into post-secondary education.

This professional project provides information on three topics. First, research from credible sources determines the typical needs of a student veteran and military member (SVMM) population and the elements that should be present in well-designed university SVMM support programs to meet these needs. Second, this project surveys the main SVMM support program elements of major public universities, primarily those belonging to the Big Ten Conference. Third, this project estimates the projected SVMM population levels for UNL over the next five years, especially in the counties located closest to the UNL campus.

Advisor: Gordon Scholz