Community and Regional Planning Program


Date of this Version

Fall 12-2013


A Professional Project Report For the Degree: Master of Community and Regional Planning; Community and Regional Planning Program, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Project Advisory Committee: Prof. Gordon P. Scholz, Chair, Dr. Zhenghong Tang, Dr. Yunwoo Nam. Client: Brandon Garrett, City of Lincoln / Lancaster County Planning Department. December 2013

Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Brown


This project assessed the feasibility of redevelopment of the area around the West O Street & Sun Valley Boulevard Intersection. The project provides information about the area, including specifics about its location, the zoning currently in use, the population of the area and the surrounding areas, housing characteristics, as well as information about mixed use development pertinent to this project and the study areas relation to the City of Lincoln’s Comprehensive Plan, known as LPlan 2040.

The project’s goal was to research and compile relevant information for review by the Lincoln / Lancaster County Planning Department in regards to the feasibility of redeveloping the West O area, as well as make recommendations as to that feasibility. This was achieved by five specific objectives, which are 1) Consider cost of development through TIF financing, 2) A compilation of a detailed inventory, 3) Analysis of the flood plain impact and current infrastructure, 4) Assessment of the geographic location and existing conditions and 5) A specific site selection for potential redevelopment.

Through the completion of these five objectives, a positive result for the feasibility of redevelopment was the final outcome of the project.