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Published in the Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association 38th Annual Conference EDRA 38 (2007): 35-40. Copyright 2007, the Environmental Design Research Association. Used by permission.


The purpose of this study is to identify key indicators affecting the elderly population's perception of Quality of Life (QoL) in two rural Nebraska communities--Crete and Schuyler. It also explores QoL indicators affecting their sense of satisfaction with living in the community and their perception of the town's sense of community. The current analysis is based on data obtained in two prior studies conducted by the authors. The results indicate that a majority of the elderly were satisfied. We also corroborated other studies' findings in which stress is negatively related to QoL. Finally, we confirmed a positive relation between strong sense of community and QoL, and the intervening effect of sense of community on the stressors.

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