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Published in Strengths and Challenges of New Immigrant Families: Implications for Research, Education, Policy, and Service, ed. Rochelle Dalla, John DeFrain, Julie Johnson, and Douglas A. Abbott. Lexington Books, a Division of Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, 2009., pp. 329–344.


Copyright © 2009 Lexington Books.


This investigation examined predictors of residential satisfaction among newly arrived residents (NAR) and long-term residents (LTR) of a rural community following a rapid influx of immigrants into the community. The physical environment, social/cultural aspects of life, and resources and public services were hypothesized to affect perceptions of residential satisfaction. Both LTR and NAR were pleased with environmental attributes, sociocultural attributes, and public services. An inverse relationship was revealed between stress and residential satisfaction. The primary sources of stress for LTR related to economics and social status issues, whereas the primary sources of stress among NAR involved issues concerning family and friends.