Landscape Architecture Program


Date of this Version

July 2005


Accompanying .pdf contain photos of the individual Osage-orange trees, the management plan, and a copy of the prunning diagrams.


This document and accompanying files describe the existing Osage-orange (Maclura pomifera) hedgerow at Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, Nebraska. Analysis of the living pioneer artifact found most trees in good to very good condition and sprouts near 75-80 years of age. A management plan and directs the propagation and prunning of the hedge for interpretation and natural resource value.

MgtUnits.pdf (293 kB)
Plan of Management Units

HNMASheet1.pdf (11931 kB)
Photos of Section 1 Trees

HNMASheet2.pdf (23370 kB)
Photos of Section 2 Trees

HNMASheet3.pdf (11971 kB)
Photos of Section 3 Trees

HNMASheet4.pdf (19405 kB)
Photos of Section 4 Trees

HNMASheet5.pdf (7979 kB)
Photos of Section 5 Trees

PrunningFigs14-24.pdf (55 kB)
Hedge Prunning Figures