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Procedia Engineering 205 (2017) 3599–3606


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The outdoor low temperature fresh air can be used as a free cold source to eliminate waste heat for the building interior zones during the transition season and winter. This paper takes a project in Hunan as an example, and the project building interior zones is 25m×7m×3.9m(L×W×H). Using Fluent software to simulate the temperature field and velocity field both the interior and exterior zones of the engineering offices. The simulation results show that using the displacement ventilation system to take the outdoor air into inner rooms not only cooling but also improving the air quality and adding comfort. According to the simulation results and outdoor air dry bulb temperature and enthalpy values, the h − d diagram is divided into three air conditioning conditions (summer, winter, transition season), and three different operation adjustment methods have been proposed corresponding to each air conditioning condition, which will reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning system.