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Patent No.: US 10,274,945 B2


Appl. No.: 15/583,942


A monitoring system for an HVAC system of a building includes a monitoring server located remotely from the building. The monitoring server receives, from a device installed at the building, (i) time-domain current data based on a measured aggregate current supplied to a plurality of components of the HVAC system, and (ii) data based on frequency-domain current data of the measured aggregate current. Based on the received data, the monitoring server accesses (i) whether a failure has occurred in a first com ponent of the plurality of components and (ii) generates a preliminary advisory in response to determining that the failure has occurred. The monitoring server compares the preliminary advisory to a threshold value based on data stored from prior advisories. If the preliminary advisory is on a first side of the threshold value, the monitoring server provides the preliminary advisory as a first advisory to a technician for review.