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Patent No.: US 10,156,378 B2


Appl. No.: 14/713,308


A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of a building includes a refrigerant loop. A monitoring system for the HVAC system includes a monitoring device installed at the building. The monitoring device is configured to measure a first temperature of refrigerant in a refrigerant line located between a filter - drier of the refrigerant loop and an expansion valve of the refrigerant loop. The monitoring system includes a monitoring server, located remotely from the building. The monitoring server is con figured to receive the first temperature and, in response to the first temperature being less than a threshold, generate a refrigerant line restriction advisory. The monitoring server is configured to, in response to the refrigerant line restriction advisory, selectively generate an alert for transmission to at least one of a customer and an HVAC contractor.