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Wang, L. M. and C. Burroughs. (2002) “Comparison of radiated power from structurally different violins.” Catgut Acoust. Soc. J. 4 (6), 65-72.


Copyright (c) 2002 Lily M. Wang and Courtney B. Burroughs.


The acoustic power has been determined from intensity measurements on three structurally different violins: a Scherl and Roth student violin, Hutchins' SUS29S, and Hutchins' mezzo violin SUS 100. While each violin was bowed with an open-frame mechanical bowing machine, the intensity measurements were made by scanning each side of the bowing machine with an intensity probe. One-third octave band sound power levels of the acoustic radiation from each of the three instruments as each of the four open strings is bowed show that the structurally different mezzo violin produces greater power at low frequencies when the lowest (G) string is bowed, but this behavior is not evidenced on the other strings.