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Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Vol. 18, 040010 (2014)


Copyright 2014 Acoustical Society of America


The present study investigates the influence of various shapes of inclusions having same volume embedded in a porous rigid material. Previous studies showed improvement of the broadband sound absorption with particular shapes of inclusions. However, different volumes of the inclusions have been considered; therefore, the bulk densities are not the same for comparison. The present study extends the investigations of inclusions in porous materials with same volume (or bulk density) to eliminate the influence by the change of bulk density. The effects of shape will be discussed. Finite element modeling will be used for this study. Total four different shapes: circle, square, ellipse, and triangle, have been studied at various orientations. It has been found that specific configurations can be able to improve the broadband sound absorption compared with reference (no inclusion). It is being expected that a better control of sound absorption of porous materials at desired frequency range can be achieved with the results of the present study.