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The Eloise Kruger Miniature Collection has over 2,000 images from The Kruger Collection

Creators in collection: 3 Sisters, Illinois; A. H.; A. R.; All Cotton Treasure Masters; Althof, Bergmann & Co.; Anderson, Carl, miniature maker; Andrews, Joe, miniature maker; Another Museum Miniature; Anslinger, Hermania; Ash, Suzanne; Ash, Suzanne ;Mini Things; B.S. & Co.; Barnes & Noble; Basker; Becker, George, miniature maker; Bellinger, Arlene ;Arlene's Hand Made Flowers; Bergagnini, Donna; Berman, Judy, miniature maker; Birkemeier, William, miniature maker ;Birkemeier, Peggy; Black Cat Press; Blauer, Ellen Krucker; Blauer, Ellen Krucker ;Peddler's Shop; Blauer, John Maynard; Blauer, John Maynard ;Miniature Mart; Bosch, Hieronymus, d. 1516; Bosshardt, Walt; Bristol; Bruno, Mary; Bugg, Carolyn E. ; Lady Bugg Miniatures; Bugg, Carolyn E. ;Lady Bugg Miniatures; Burns, Robert, miniature maker ;Burns Hobby House; Calico Print Shop; Carlisle, Robert L.; Carlisle, Robert L. ;Carlisle Miniatures; Charmini; Chestnut Hill Studio; Chikaramachi; Chikaramachi (possibly); Christopher, Mary, miniature maker; Chrysnbon, Inc.; Cini, Guglielmo (possibly); Close, Garth; Cole, Gladys; Collector Miniatures; Colvin, A. O.; Comel, R.; Concord Miniatures; Country Store Miniatures; Couzeitte; Cowles, Arthur; Cowles, Arthur ;Cowles, Mary-Dudley; Cox; Creator#1; D. K.; D. Y.; Danecraft; Daum Freres; Daum Freres (possibly); David Bryce and Son (Firm); Deavers, Barbara ;Mini Emporium; Deiber, Jacqueline Kerr ;Green Apple Miniatures; Dick, Warren; Dol-Toi; Doll House Miniatures; Dolly Dear; Dolly Dear (possibly); Dorsett, James H. ;Dorsett, B. Helen; Dovecraft; Dover Miniatures; Dyke, Rosemary Johnson; Dynamic Dinkey; E. C.; E. N.; E. R.; E. R. S.; E.T. Hazeltine (Firm); El-Kru; El-Kru ;Miniature Mart; Elgin, Eric; Ellis, Bill, miniature maker; Elsie's Doll House; Erb, Jeffrey; Evertsen, Erdeen; Ewer, K. ;Colonial Craftsmen Pewter Workshop; F. W. Baxter, mfg.; Fallert, B. Leo; Farnham, Charles. H. W.; Faurot, Jeanne ;Faurot, Wes; Faurot, Jeanne ;Faurot, Wes ;Willoughby's Eighteenth Century; Fomerz; Forslund, Carl ;Hillery House; Fried, Alex; Friedman, Marie ;Verona, Jean; G. R.; Gabairl, D.; Gauder, W., miniature maker; Geel, C. L.; Gene; Gerbruder Marklin (possibly); Gottschalk (possibly); Grandmother Stover's (Firm); Gray, Joseph, miniature maker; Gray, Robert, miniature maker; Grieger's; Grimes, Bernice; H. H.; H. L.; Handicraft Designs; Handy, Jane; Hardy, Carol ;Antiques in Miniature; Hendrix, Susan; Hillman, Denis E. W.; Ho Horus Hoppers; Hodgson, John J.; Hodgson, John J. ;E L F Miniatures; Hoffmann, G. O.; I.M.P.; Ideal Toy Corporation; Intercast; ISCO (Firm : Japan); J. A.; J. D.; J. M.; J.A.F. Miniatures; J.E.Y.; J.R.E.; Janet; Janssen, Stephen Theodore, Sir, d. 1777; Jarque, Jack; Jemil; JMF Co.; Johnson, Anne, miniature maker; Johnson, Arthur Leroy; K (?); Keshishian Brothers; Krucker, Daniel Gaines; Kruger, Eloise; Kruger, Eloise (possibly); Kummerow, Barbara ;Kummerow's Studio of Miniature Design; Kummerow, Lew; Kummerow, Lew ;Kummerow's Studio of Miniature Design; Kummerow, Lew ;Kummerow, Barbara ;Kummerow's Studio of Miniature Design; Kupjack, Eugene J.; Kupjack, Eugene J. ;Kupjack Studio; Kupka, William P.; Lawbre Company; Leininger, Frieda; Levy, Ernie; Levy, Ernie ;Ernie Levy Museum Quality Furniture and Clocks; Liberia del Teatro; Lilliput Products; Limbourg Brothers; Louis Marx & Co.; Lowry, Priscilla Holman; Lynnfield (possibly); M. D.; Maker, Jeanne; Matter, Frank L.; Matter, Frank L. (possibly); McClanahan, L., miniature maker; McIntyre, Ethel W. ;McIntyre's Memories in Miniature; McKibban, Larry; McNeely, Paul; McNeely, Paul ;Bespoke Miniatures ;China Bull; McQueenie, Bernard; Meredith, Lorna; Messer, Sonia; Messer, Sonia ;Sonia Messer Imports; Mickey, Chris; Mini Brick & Stone Co.; Mini Mundus Miniatures; Miniature Book Studio; Molineaux Webb & Co. (possibly); Morley, Franklyn J.; Mott's Miniatures; Munchkino Miniatures; Muriel, H.; N. H.; Nancy Lee Webster; Nelson, Norman; Nelson, Norman ;Clare-Bell Brass Works; Norton, Edward G.; Page, Willard J.; Paris Renfroe Design (PRD); Park, Irma; Parks, Irma; Pearson, Eric, miniature maker; Pearson, Eric, miniature maker (possibly); Pelican, P.; Peniston, Heber; Pfister, Anneruth; Piso Company; Potter, Florence Cowles; Powel, John S.; Powel, John S. ;Miniatures of Merritt; Powell, John S.; Prescott, Mell; Prescott, Mell ;Mell Prescott Miniatures; Price, R. C., miniature maker; Pringle, Mary; Que Vee Miniature; R A E; Ramus, Wanda; Reeves, A., miniature maker; Rinard, Virginia A. ;Omniarts of Colorado; Robbins, Carolyn; Robertson, William R.; Roper, Georgia; Rosenthal; Rouleau, Paul E.; Rountree, Sylvia ;Doll's Cobbler; Runyon, Paul A.; Russell; S(?); S.H.U.; Schillaber; Schneegass Brothers; Shackman; Sides, Suzanne; Silco; Simpson; Sir Thomas Thumb (possibly); Smith, Harry W., 1937-; Smith, Penny, miniature maker; Snuf-it; Spencer, George; Spinka, Lucille ;Spinka, Emil; Spinka, Lucille ;Spinka,Emil; Stacy; Star; Stevens, John, miniature maker; Strombecker; Superb Reproduction of Actual Ancient Tapestry Rugs; Sutton, E. D., miniature maker; Sutton, R. L., miniature maker; T. E.; Takamasa; Taylor, Julian, miniature maker; Taylor, Julian, miniature maker (possibly); Three Sisters Handicraft Co.; Tiny Book & Novelty Co.; Toncoss Miniatures; Trans Lite; Tripp, Amy; Tucker, G.D. (Tommy); Tucker, Peter, miniaturist; V. F. for Chestnut Hill Studio, Ltd.; Valentine, Betty; Valentine, Betty (attributed); Valentine, Betty (possibly); Van Horne, Mitzi; Vitra Design Museum; Waller, Una; Warner, Thomas A.; Weaver, Nancy; Webster, Nancy Lee; Wee 'C' Too; Wee Littles Studio; Wee-Un's; Wexler, Linda, miniature maker; Whiting, William; Whittemore, Francis; Williamson, Judee ;Miniature Makers Workshop; Wy Trapka; Yahna; Yingling, Jean E.; Zieg, S.; Zu, Tomuka

Titles: #3 Jug; 144th Scale Dining Room Roombox; 1590 Dutch Trading Hulk Painting; 1880s High Back Bed; 1892 Calendar; 18th Century Chinese Coromandel Screen; 18th Century Silver Shop; 1902 Kitchen Safe; 1910 Hot Water Tank and Shower; 1920s Bathroom Stool; 1920s Bathtub; 1920s Footstool; 1920s Garden Chair; 1920s Overstuffed Armchair; 1920s Overstuffed Sofa; 1920s Pedestal Sink; 1920s Sponge Basket; 1920s Toilet; 1920s Wicker Armchair; 1922 Album; 1930's Chaise Longue; 1930s Cathedral Radio; 1930s Chess Table; 1930s Metal Tubular Side Chair; 1930s Monitor Top Refrigerator; 1930s Pink Painted Brass Crib; 1930s Tubular Side Chair; 1940s Barrel Chair; 1940s Bathtub; 1940s Bookshelf; 1940s Cabinet Sink; 1940s Pedestal Sink; 1940s Radio Cabinet; 1940s Roper Range; 1940s Toilet; 1940s Walnut Kitchen Table; 1940s Walnut Side Chair; 1940s Walnut SideChair; 1940s wicker armchair; 1940s Wicker Footstool; 1940s Wicker Rocker; 1940s Wicker Table; 1940s Wringer Washing Machine; 1950s Bookcase; 1950s Brick Fireplace and Mantel; 1950s Broom/pantry Cabinet; 1950s Buffet; 1950s Bunk Beds; 1950s Console; 1950s Curved Sofa; 1950s Daybed; 1950s Easy Chair; 1950s Entertainment Center; 1950s Fireplace and Mantel; 1950s Formica-topped Occasional Table; 1950s Kitchen Cabinet; 1950s Kitchen Cabinet with Sink; 1950s Kitchen Table; 1950s Night Table; 1950s Occasional Table; 1950s Outdoor Barbeque Fireplace; 1950s Television; 1960s Buffet; 1960s Coffee Table; 1960s Console; 1960s Console Table; 1960s Dining Table; 1960s End Table; 1960s French Provincial Telephone; 1960s Lamp Table; 1960s Metal Footstool; 1960s Occasional Table; 1960s Occassional Table; 1960s Ottoman Footstool; 1960s Sofa; 1960s Upholstered Daybed; 1960s Upholstered Side Chair; 1960s Upholstered Sofa; 1960s Wardrobe; 1970s Fireplace and Mantel; 1974 Calendar (girl/boy); 1974 Calendar (girl/chicken); 1974 Calendar (girl/dolls); 19th Century Bathtub; 19th Century Fireplace and Mantel; 19th-century Barrel Butter Churn; 20th Century Fireplace and Mantel; 20th-century Bar Counter with Accessories; Accordion (Melodeon); Ad Poster; Adam Eagle and Swag Wall Mirror; Adam Fireplace Mantel; Address Book; Adirondack Chair; Adjustable Candlestand; Afghan; African Elephant Statue; African Mask; Almanach auf Das Jahr 1821; Alphabet Blocks; Aluminum Chair; American Empire Couch; American Empire Sleigh Cradle; Amy Vanderbilt's New Complete Book of Etiquette; Andiron; Andirons; Antony; Apple Centerpiece; Apples; Area Rug; Argand Student Lamp; Arrow-back Windsor Side Chair; Art Deco Bookcase; Art Deco Breakfast Table; Art Deco Candlestick; Art Deco Cantilevered Side Chair; Art Deco Club Chair; Art Deco Library Couch; Art Deco Side Chair; Art Nouveau Bed; Art Nouveau Chest of Drawers; Art Nouveau Cheval Mirror; Art Nouveau Chiffonier; Art Nouveau Dining Table; Art Nouveau Dresser; Art Nouveau Sideboard; Art Nouveau Table Lamp; Art Nouveau Twin Bed; Ash 1950s Dining Armchair; Ash 1950s Dining Side Chair; Ash Art Deco Bookcase; Ash Fan-back Windsor Side Chair; Ashtray with Cigar; Ashtray with Cigarette; Assorted Fruit Set; Attache Case; Autograph Book; Autumn Painting; Axe in Stump; Baby Soap Drug Jar; Baker's Cooling Rack; Balance scale; Ball Chair; Ballpeen hammer; Bamboo Birdcage with Bird on Lacquerware Stand; Bandage Roll; Banquet Hall, Biltmore House and Gardens; Bark Canoe; Barn Painting; Barnyard Painting; Barometer; Bartender Doll; Bas-relief with Putti; Basket; Basket with Lid; Basketball; Bathroom Hot Water Pipe/Towel Rack; Bathroom Scale; Battersea Enamel Plaque; Battersea Enamel Portrait of Woman; Beach and Lighthouse Painting; Beetle Bootjack; Belt Buckle; Bicycle; Biedermeier Ladies' Writing Table; Bird Centerpiece; Bisque Doll; Bisque Doll in Red Dress; Bisque Nude Model Doll; Black Bear Rug; Black Box with Silver Inlay; Black Cauldron; Black Chamberstick; Black Dress Form on Stand; Black Handbag; Black Luggage; Black Painted Upright Piano; Black Pot Rack; Black Umbrella; Black Walnut Victorian Chest of Drawers; Blackboard Slate; Blank Books; Blank Canvas; Blender; Blue and Red Blank Book Sets; Blue and White Area Rug; Blue and White Ceramic Pitcher; Blue and White Coverlet; Blue and White Pitcher; Blue and White Striped Mattress; Blue Aurene Tazza; Blue Bud Vase; Blue Candy Dish; Blue Carafe; Blue Clothes Hamper; Blue Comb and Bobby Pins; Blue Dress Form; Blue Floral and Feather Centerpiece; Blue Glass Ashtray; Blue Glass Pitcher; Blue Glass Washbowl; Blue Goblet; Blue Hand-woven Yardage; Blue Horn Pipe; Blue Hurricane Lamp; Blue Oriental Rug; Blue Oval Wastebasket; Blue Suitcase with Stickers; Blue Swirl Pressed Glass Bowl; Blue Swirl Pressed Glass Plate; Blue Whole cloth Quilt; Blue-green Oriental Bowl with Brass Foot Ring; Blue/tan Whig Rose Coverlet; Blue/White Decorative Plate; Blue/white Whig Rose Coverlet; Blueberry Pie; Bolster Pillow for Victorian Brass Bed; Bongos; Book; Book of 'Shrine' Matches; Book with Green Leather Cover; Books of 'Sears and Roebuck' Matches (3); Books of 'Union Oil Company' Matches (3); Books of 'Zippo' Matches (4); Bottle and Ice in Bucket; Bottle of 'Lydia E. Pinkham Compound'; Bottle of Chianti; Bottle of Wine; Bouquet of Red Roses; Bouquet Painting; Bouquet Still-life; Bow for Cello; Bow for Violin; Bow-back Windsor Side Chair; Bowl with Fabric Squares; Bowler Hat; Box of 8 Cigars; Bracelet and Earring Set; Braided Rug in Progress; Brass Andirons with Fender; Brass Art Nouveau Armchair; Brass Birdcage with Bird on Floor Stand; Brass Box with Copper Designs; Brass Calumet Pipe; Brass Candelabrum; Brass Candlestick; Brass Candlestick with Candle; Brass Chamberstick with Candle; Brass Chinese Double Gourd; Brass Container with Lid; Brass covered bowl; Brass Fireplace Fender; Brass Fireset; Brass Hamper with Lid; Brass High-post Child's Crib; Brass Kerosene Table Lamp; Brass Kitchen Tools; Brass Lamp Base; Brass Lantern Clock; Brass Lipstick Tube; Brass Log Holder and Logs; Brass Mug; Brass Sconce; Brass Spittoon; Brass Table Easels; Brass Teakettle; Brass Tinderbox With Candleholder; Brass Tripod Stand; Brass Watering Can; Breadboard; British Monarchy Crown; Bronze Cat Figurine; Bronze Cat with Kitten Figurine; Bronze Cat with Kittens Figurine; Bronze Cat with Red Ball Figurine; Bronze Female Bust; Bronze Fox Terrier; Bronze Gilt Mirror; Bronze Monkey on Rug Figurine; Bronze Relief; Broom; Broom/pantry Cabinet; Brown Hip Boot; Brown Leather Luggage; Bryce's Diamond English Dictionary; Bryce's English Dictionary; Bucket; Buddha Figurine; Bugle; Bull's Eye Mirror; Bundle of Letters; Bundle of Pink Letters; Burgundy Porcelain Chamber Pot; Burgundy Porcelain Chamber stick; Burgundy Porcelain Covered Vase; Burgundy Porcelain Cup; Burgundy Porcelain Shaving Brush; Burgundy Porcelain Shaving Mugs; Burgundy Porcelain Soap Dish; Bust of Court Jester; Bust of Diane de Versailles; Bust of Michelangelo's David; Bust Relief; Butter Churn; Butterfly; Cabinet Victrola; Cake Server; Cake Serving Tray on Stand; Calendar Poster Bieres de la Meuse; Calico on Bolts; Calla Lilies in Planter; Camel-back Trunk; Cameo Portrait; Cameo Portrait of a Horse; Cameo Relief; Candelabrum; Candle Box; Candle Dipping Reel; Candle Making Scoop; Candle Shelf; Candle Stick Sconce; Candlestick Sconce; Candlestick with Leaves/Berries and Red Candle; Candlestick with Prism Pendants; Cane; Cannon; Canton China Bowl; Canton China Bowl with Handles and Lid; Canton China Chocolate Pot and Cups; Canton China Coffee Cup; Canton China Dinner Plate; Canton China Saucer; Canton China Tureen Set; Carl's Shaving Kit; Carriage Painting; Carrots with Tops; Carry Nation Doll; Carved Chinese Boat with Passengers; Carved Ivory Bird; Carved Ivory Cat; Carved Ivory Mouse; Carved Peach Pit with Human Figures; Carved Towel Stand; Carved Wood Pomeranian; Carver Chair; Cast Brass Triptych; Cast Iron Bathtub; Cast Iron Sussex Fireback; Cat Painting; Caucasian Rug; Cauldron; Cauldron with logs; Cedar Blanket Chest; Cello; Censer; Censer on Stand; Ceramic Ashtray; Ceramic Bamboo Dish; Ceramic Bowl; Ceramic Cake Plate; Ceramic Canister; Ceramic Chihuahua; Ceramic Chop Plate; Ceramic Coffee Service; Ceramic Covered Bowl; Ceramic Covered Chamber pot; Ceramic Covered Compote; Ceramic Covered Urn; Ceramic Dinner Plates (6); Ceramic Dinner Plates (7); Ceramic Hen Figurine with Four Ceramic Eggs; Ceramic Jug; Ceramic Oriental Bowl; Ceramic Pitcher; Ceramic Platter; Ceramic Saucers (8); Ceramic Soap dish with Pink Bar of Soap; Ceramic Soup Bowl on Plate; Ceramic Soup Tureen; Ceramic Soup Tureen with Ladle; Ceramic Tea Set; Ceramic Teacups (8); Ceramic Teacups (9); Ceramic Tobacco Canister; Ceramic Tureen; Ceramic Urn; Ceramic Vase with Oriental Motifs; Ceramic Vegetable Dish; Ceramic Washbowl; Chandelier; Charles and Ray Eames, No. 670 Lounge Chair; Charles and Ray Eames, No. 671 Ottoman; Charm Portrait; Charm Portraits; Cheese Press; Cheese Round; Cherry Armchair; Cherry Bench; Cherry Bookshelf; Cherry Butterfly Table; Cherry Canterbury; Cherry Chippendale Oxbow Slant-front Desk; Cherry Colonial Revival Chest of Drawers; Cherry Commode; Cherry Drop-leaf Table; Cherry Hanging Cabinet; Cherry Hepplewhite Slant-front Desk; Cherry Jacobean Joint Stool; Cherry Kitchen Cabinet; Cherry Kneehole Desk; Cherry Low-post Bed; Cherry Model's Podium; Cherry Music Stand with Candlearms; Cherry Open Cupboard; Cherry Queen Anne Screen; Cherry Reel; Cherry Sack-back Windsor Armchair; Cherry Shaker Towel Rack; Cherry Sheraton Low-post Bed; Cherry Southern Chippendale Secretary; Cherry Student Desk; Cherry Tavern Table; Cherry Trestle Table; Cherry Writing Desk; Cherrywood Chest of Drawers With Mirror; Cherrywood Chippendale Candlestand; Cherrywood corner etagere; Cherrywood Hooded Cradle; Chess Set; Child's Bathtub; Child's Mother Goose Book; Children's Alphabet Book; Children's Board Games; Children's Primer; China Shelf; Chinese Carved Stone Screen; Chinese Coromandel Screen; Chinese low table; Chinese Lowback Armchair; Chinese tester bed; Chinese Vase with Boating Scene; Chinese Yoke Side Table; Chinoiserie Tester Bed; Chippendale Camel-back Sofa; Chippendale Easy Chair; Chippendale Mahogany Tester Bed; Chippendale Tilt-top Piecrust Table; Chippendale Upholstered Slipper Chair; Chippendale Wall Mirror; Christmas Stocking; Church Painting; Cigar Box with 9 Cigars; Cigar-store Indian; Cigarette; Cigarette in Holder; Cigarette Lighter; Circle Braided Rug; Circle Photograph of Baby; Circle Portrait of Man; Circle Portrait of Woman an d Child; Circular Easy Chair; Clarinet; Classical Bas-relief; Classical Female Statue; Classical Urn Jardiniere; Claw hammer; Clay Flowerpot; Clear Candy Dish; Clear Glass Decanters; Clear Glass Pitcher; Clear Plastic Paperweight; Clog; Club Chair; Cobbler's Bench; Cocktail Shaker; Coconut Chair; Coffee Grinder; Coffee Mill; Coffee Pot; Coffee Table; Coiled Snake Netsuke; Cold Cream Jar; Cold-cut Tray; Colonial Candle stand; Colonial Fireplace and Mantel; Colonial Folding Bed; Colonial Great Chair; Colonial Kitchen Fireplace and Mantel; Colonial Kitchen Fireplace with Chimney; Colonial Overmantel; Colonial Pebble Fireplace and Mantel; Colonial Slate Fireplace and Mantel; Colonial Waffle Iron; Comb; Comb-back Windsor Armchair; Comb-back Windsor Rocking Chair; Combination Candlestand and Betty Lamp; Combination Rushlight Holder and Candleholder; Communion Set; Compass; Concertina; Console Table; Constant Printed Book; Continental Cylindrical Fireplace and Overmantel; Continental Hooded Fireplace and Mantel; Cooked Turkey on Platter; Cookie Mold; Coping Saw; Copper Bathtub; Copper Cane; Copper Mug; Copper Pitcher; Copper Saucepan; Copper Spittoon; Copper Tray; Copper Tureen; Copper Watering Can; Copper-colored Hookah; Copper-Colored Metal Purse; Copper-Colored Pipe; Cork Calumet Pipe; Corkscrew; Corner Etagere; Cotton Drug Jar; Country art exhibit, Old Sturbridge Village; Country Store Stove; Covered Bridge Painting; Cowboy hat; Cranberry Decanter; Cranberry Perfume Bottle; Cranberry Scoop; Crazy Quilt; Cream Pot; Creeping baby; Cribbage Board; Crochet Hooks (2); Crocheted Fabric Scrap; Cromwellian Side Chair; Croquet Set; Cross-stitch Wall Hanging; Crystal and Brass Candlestick with Candle; Crystal Perfume Bottle; Cup and Pencils; Cup of Crayons; Curler Cap and Curler; Curling Iron; Curved Two-Tone Pipe; Cut Glass Vase; Cyan Glass Pitcher; Cylinder Phonograph; Cymbals with Stand; Cymbals with Stand and Foot Pedal; Dad's Shaving Kit; Daguerreotype Portrait of Woman in Case; Daguerreotype Portrait of Young Man; Dancing Faun of Pompeii; Dart Board and Darts; Dash Butter Churn; Date Book; Day Bed; De Musset Printed Book; Dear Diary; Decanter Bottle with Stopper; Decorative Plate; Decorative Tray; Delft Tile Fireplace and Mantel; della Robbia Wreath; Dentures; Desert Painting; Desk Set; Deviled Egg Tray; Diamond Chair; Diary; Diet Book; Diet Poster; Dining Side Chair Wood (DSW); Dinner Plate; Dipper; Dish; District 76 School Shoe; DKR; Doll in Blue Dress; Doll in Blue Dress and Yellow Straw Hat; Doll in Dark Blue Dress; Doll in Green Dress; Doll in Green Dress and White Straw Hat; Doll in Yellow Dress and Brown Straw Hat; Dollhouse; Domino Set; Door Painting; Double-pointed Pick; Dragon Medallion; Drawing room from a doll's house; Dress Pattern - Size 16; Dried Floral Arrangement in Ceramic Pitcher; Duck Decoy; Dueling Pistols with Mahogany Case; Duncan Phyfe Sofa; Duncan Phyfe/ Empire Chest of Drawers; Duncan Phyfe/ Empire Side Chair; Duncan Phyfe/Empire Dressing Stool; Duncan Phyfe/Empire Night Table; Dutch Delft-Style Bowl; Dutch Delft-style Coffee Container; Dutch Delft-style Decorative Plate; Dutch Delft-style Flour Container; Dutch Delft-Style Lard Jar; Dutch Delft-style Oval Serving Platter; Dutch Delft-style Oval Trivet; Dutch Delft-style Pitcher; Dutch Delft-style Rice Container; Dutch Delft-Style Salt and Pepper Shakers; Dutch Delft-style Serving Dish; Dutch Delft-style Sugar Container; Dutch Delft-style Tea Caddie; Dutch Delft-Style Teapot; Dutch Delft-style Tumbler; Dutch Tile; Early 1800s Baltimore Clipper Painting; Early 20th-century Sofa; Early American-Style Hanging Shelf; Early Georgian Fireplace and Mantel; Earthenware Jug; Eastlake Armchair; Eastlake Center Table; Eastlake Comb Rack; Eastlake Dresser; Eastlake Fireplace With Overmantel and Hearth; Eastlake Occasional Table; Eastlake Settee; Eastlake Side Chair; Egyptian Medallions; Electric Table Lamp; Elizabethan Armchair; Elizabethan Bible Box; Elizabethan Dining Table; Elizabethan Fireplace and Overmantel; Elizabethan Joint Stool; Elizabethan Tester Bed; Elizabethan Wainscot Chair; Embossed Metal Alarm Clock; Embroidered Throw Pillow; Embroidery in Hoop; Embroidery Thread Skeins; Empire Borne; Empire Curule Armchair; Empire Curule Stool; Empire Figural Candelabrum; Empire Washstand; Enameled Box; English Sheffield Plate Double Arm Candelabrum with Candles; Etagere; Etched Amber Glass Tray; Etched Silver Basket Tray; Etched Silver Tray; Fabric in Hoop; Face Cream Jar; Family Album; Family Portrait on Stand; Fan; Fan-back Windsor Side Chair; Fan-back Windsor Youth Chair; Farmer's Almanac; Fashion- 1948 Book; Faux books; Faux Wooden Books; Favrile Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vase; Favrile Swan Neck Vase; Feather Duster; Federal Easy Chair; Federal Fireplace and Mantel; Federal Tall Case Clock; Fields Painting; Fire Screen; Fireback; Fireplace and Mantel; Fireplace Fender; Fireplace Grill; Fireplace Hooked Poker; Fishing Hat; Fishing Rod; Five Rolls of Ribbon; five-string banjo; Flat-topped Trunk; Flat-topped Trunk with Civil War Memorabilia; Flatware Case; Flatweave Area Rug; Flatweave Striped Stair Runner; Flintlock Musket; Floor Lamp; Floor Loom; Floral Arrangement in Copper Pitcher; Floral Arrangement in Gold Urn; Floral Arrangement in Vase; Floral Centerpiece in Brass Bowl; Floral Latch Hook Rug; Flour Bin Cabinet; Flower pot with blue plant; Flowerpot; Flugelhorn; Flute; Flute Case; Folding Glasses in Case; Folding Knitting Stand; Folk Figurine; Folk German painted wardrobe; Footed Bathtub; Ford Calendar - 1948; Forget-Me-Nots in Vase; Forslund Display Box; Four Gifts Wrapped in Red/White Polka Dot Paper; Four Piece Wood Pipe Set; Four Rolls of Ribbon; Four Skeins of Dot Yarn; Four Spools with Thread; Four Strait Razors; Four-patch Quilt; Fractur; Frame Harp; Framed Color Print of Ferguslie Thread Works; Framed Fairie Postcard; Framed Image of a Sailing Vessel; Framed Painting; Framed Photograph of Child; Framed Photograph of Gentleman; Framed Photograph of Woman; Framed Portrait of a Lady; Framed Print of Christ; Framed Print of Christ Child; Framed Still Life; Franklin Fireplace and Mantel; Fredrick the Great Portrait; Free-Standing Cook Stove; French Bidet; French Cook Stove; French Enameled Cup; French Enameled Vinaigrette; French Horn; French Provincial Bassinet; French Provincial Side Chair; French Provincial Side Chairs; French Rococo Painting; French Rococo Parlor Table; Full-size Ivory Sweetmeat Dish; Gaming Chip Holder With Chips; Garden of Paradise; Garden Trowel; Garland Stoves and Ranges; George III Chinoiserie Slant-front Desk; Georgian Corner Cupboard; German Painted Folk Chest of Drawers; German Painted Folk Side Chair; German Painted Folk Wardrobe; Gift Wrapped in Blue Geometric Paper; Gift Wrapped in Blue Paper; Gift Wrapped in Gold/Silver Paper; Gift Wrapped in Pink Paper; Gift Wrapped in Yellow Paper; Gifts in Metallic Wrapping; Giraffe Piano; Glass Cake Plate; Glass Decanter; Glass Globe Chandelier; Glass Hookah; Glass Jug; Glass Openwork Cake Stand; Glass Openwork Vase; Glazed Bulbous Jug; Glazed Earthenware Bowl; Globe Lamp; Globe on mahogany stand; Globe on Tripod Desk Stand; Globe on Tripod Stand; Goblets; Gold Aurene Footed Bowl; Gold Aurene Hanging Lamp; Gold Candlestick; Gold Cross with Sunburst; Gold Cup; Gold Filigree Mirror; Gold Flatware Set; Gold Inkstand Clock; Gold Luster Ceramic Bowl; Gold Luster Ceramic Tray; Gold Metal Basket; Gold Painted Mantel Clock with Pendulum; Gold Plate; Gold Radiator; Gold Saucer; Gold Spoon Stand; Gold Tray; Gold Vase; Gold-Colored Pendant; Gold-Colored Scissors; Golden Oak China Cabinet; Golden Oak Hall Stand; Golden Oak Kitchen Chair; Golden Oak Kitchen Table; Golden oak pedestal table; Golden Oak Plant Stand; Golden Oak Rocking Chair; Golden Oak Rolling Pin; Golden Oak Side Chair; Goldfish Aquarium; Goldies Place; Golf Bag and Clubs; Gothic Revival Center Table; Gothic Revival Plant Stand; Gothic Revival Sewing Stand; Gothic Revival side chair; Granite Floor Paint; Greek Military Helmet; Green Bathroom Set; Green Ceramic Pitcher; Green Cylindrical Wastebasket; Green Glass Paperweight; Green Lantern; Green Metal Plant Stand; Green Pin Cushion; Green Planter; Green Porch Swing; Green Sconce; Green Sink with Mirror; Green Square Wastebasket; Green Straw Rug; Green Suitcase with Stickers; Green Swirl Pressed Glass Mug; Green Swirl Pressed Glass Plate; Green Swirl Pressed Glass Standing Bowl; Green Vase; Group of Four Ivory Containers and Top; Group of Four Ivory Objects; Group of Lacquerware Bowls; Group of Red Glass Jars (9); Group of Sea Shells; Gun Cabinet; H.F. Brammer Manufacturing Co.; Hacksaw; Hairbrush; Hairpin Jar with Pins; Hammer; Hancock (Mass.) Shaker Village; Hancock and Adams room, Hancock-Clarke House, Lexington, Mass.; Hand Mirror; Hand-stitched Quilt; Handwritten Book; Hanging Candleholder; Hanging Corner Shelves; Hanging Dead Rabbit; Hanging Globe; Hanging Lamp; Hanging Shelf with Figure; Harbor Painting; Hardcover Book 'Ancient Wheel of Fortune'; Hardcover Book 'Christmas Customs'; Hardcover Book 'F.D.R. Gettysburg Speech'; Hardcover Book 'The Twelve Signs'; Haribako Chest; Hazeltine's Pocket Book Almanac 1879- 1st series; Hazeltine's Pocket Book Almanac 1881- Third series; Hazeltine's Pocket Book Almanac 1891; Hazeltine's Pocket Book Almanac for 1884; Hedge Shears; HELLO' Book; Hepplewhite Demilune Commode; Hepplewhite Mahogany Demilune Side Table; Hepplewhite Window Seat; Hexagonal Vitrine; Hitchcock Painted Settee; Hitchcock Painted Side Chair; Hobbyhorse; Hoe; Hogscraper Candlestick; Holy Bible; Home Painting; Hooded Settle; Horse Painting; Horse Saddle; Hot-Water Bottle; Hot-Water Bottles; House Painting; Houseplant; How to be an Artist Book; How to Plant a Garden Book; Humidor; Hungarian Painted Blanket Chest; Hunting Horn; Hymn Book; Imari Bowl; Imari Plate; Imari Teapot; Imari Vase; Imperial German (Prussian) Military Helmet; Indian Corn; Inkstand with Inkwells and Quill Pen; Inoperable Flat Scissors; Iron; Iron Pan Chamberstick; Ironing Board; Ivory Backscratcher; Ivory Barrel Netsuke; Ivory Beads; Ivory Bracelet Segment; Ivory Chess Table; Ivory Classical Female Figurine; Ivory Corner Cupboard with Display Objects; Ivory Cotton Mattress; Ivory Dice; Ivory Dresser Set; Ivory Etagere with Display Objects; Ivory Fan; Ivory Figurine of Indian Dancing Woman; Ivory Frame; Ivory Framed Portrait; Ivory Hand; Ivory Jewelry Finding; Ivory Lion's Head; Ivory Louis XV Occasional Table; Ivory Louis XV Settee; Ivory Louis XV Side Chair; Ivory Men on Bridge Netsuke; Ivory Nude Figurine; Ivory Occasional Table; Ivory Octagonal Center Table; Ivory Painting; Ivory Plaque; Ivory Pomeranian; Ivory Portrait; Ivory Portrait of a Woman; Ivory Portrait of a Woman with Pearl Necklace; Ivory Portrait of a Young Woman; Ivory Portrait of Child in Blue Dress; Ivory Portrait of Woman with Shawl; Ivory Portrait of Young Boy with Ruffled Collar; Ivory Portrait of Young Gentleman; Ivory Portrait of Young Girl; Ivory Portrait of Young Woman in White Dress with Shawl; Ivory Prie-dieu; Ivory Purse Handle; Ivory Secretary; Ivory Shiva Statue; Ivory Silhouette; Ivory Statue of Hotei; Ivory Statuette; Ivory Swiss Antler Occasional Table; Ivory Tea Set; Ivory Whale Button; Jacobean Banquette; Jacobean court cupboard; Jacobean Cradle; Jacobean Demilune Side Table; Jacobean Press Cupboard; Jacobean roombox; Jacobean Side Chair; Jacobean Stool; Jacobean Wainscot Chair; Jacobean Wainscot Side Chair; Jacobean-revival Panel Bed; Jade Elephant Figurine; Japanese Male Figurine; Japanese Tea Ceremony Table; Japanese Tea Tray; Japanese Teacup; Japanese Teapot; Jenny Lind Bed; Jug; Kate Greenaway Coloring Book; Kerosene Lamp; Kerosene Parlor Lamp; Kerosene Table Lamp with Rose Shade; Kerosene Table Lamp with Shade; Kitchen Cabinet; Kitchen Fireplace and Mantel; Knife with Wooden Handle; Kwan Yin Figurine; La Chaise; Lace Pincushion and Scissors; Lacquerware Altar; Lacquerware Bowl with Handles; Lacquerware Box; Lacquerware Chest of Drawers; Lacquerware Covered Bowl; Lacquerware Dressing Table; Lacquerware Lantern; Lacquerware Lid; Lacquerware Stand with Drawers; Lacquerware Tazza; Lacquerware Tray; Lacquerware Tray-table; Lacquerware Vase; Ladder for 1950s Bunk Beds; Ladle; Lakeview Painting; Lamb Pull Toy; Landscape Painting; Landscape Watercolor; Landscape with Figure Painting; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary Dutch/English; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary English/Danish; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary English/French; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary English/Italian; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary English/Latin; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary English/Modern Greek; Langenscheidt's Lilliput Dictionary Spanish/English; Lantern; Large Burgundy Porcelain Ewer; Large Canton China Platter; Large Ivory Buddha; Large Oval Ceramic Serving Bowl; Large Tole Tray; Lawn Weeder; LCW (Lounge Chair Wood); Leather Arched-top Trunk; Leather Camel-back Sofa; Leather Gloves; Leather Handbag; Leather Oval Stagecoach Case; Leather Queen Anne Easy Chair; Leather-covered Blank Book; Leopardi's Dialoghi (book); Letter Opener on Desk Blotter; Limoges Display Plate and Stand; Limoges Floral Cream Pitcher; Limoges Floral Sugar Bowl; Limoges Floral Teapot; Limoges Floral Tray; Limoges Pitcher; Lincoln Rocker; Linen Press; Linen Set; Lint Brush; Lipstick Tube; Little Willie Clutter Doll; Living"" magazine; Loaf of Artisan Bread; Loaf of Bread in Pan; Logs; Lone Star Quilt; Long Pointed Scissors; Long-handled comb; Louis XV Fireplace Mantel; Louis XV Inlaid Chiffonier; Louis XV Ivory Side Chair; Louis XV Pedestal; Low Chinese Table; Low-post Bed; Lowestoft Coffeepot; Lowestoft Covered Dish; Lowestoft Creamer; Lowestoft Platter; Lowestoft Teapot; Lute; Madam Pompadour Painting; Magazine; Mahogany 1930s Buffet; Mahogany 1940s Radio Cabinet; Mahogany American Empire Bed; Mahogany American Empire Chest of Drawers; Mahogany American Empire Low-post Bed; Mahogany American Empire Pedestal Table; Mahogany American Empire Side Chair; Mahogany American Empire Sideboard; Mahogany American Empire Sleigh Bed; Mahogany American Empire Washstand; Mahogany and Bird's Eye Maple Federal Chest of Drawers; Mahogany and Walnut Victorian Pump Organ; Mahogany Bracket Clock; Mahogany Chinese Chippendale Armchair; Mahogany Chinese Chippendale Display Cabinet on Stand; Mahogany Chinese Chippendale Side Chair; Mahogany Chinese Chippendale Wall Clock; Mahogany Chippendale Architect's Table; Mahogany Chippendale Armchair; Mahogany Chippendale Bachelor's Chest; Mahogany Chippendale Breakfront Bookcase; Mahogany Chippendale Butler's Tray; Mahogany Chippendale Candlestand; Mahogany Chippendale Card Table; Mahogany Chippendale Cellaret; Mahogany Chippendale Cellaret Stand; Mahogany Chippendale chair-back settee; Mahogany Chippendale Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Chippendale Corner Chair; Mahogany Chippendale Crib; Mahogany Chippendale Daybed; Mahogany Chippendale Double Music Stand; Mahogany Chippendale dressed tester bed; Mahogany Chippendale Dumbwaiter; Mahogany Chippendale Easy Chair; Mahogany Chippendale Fire Screen; Mahogany Chippendale Gate-leg Dining Table; Mahogany Chippendale Handkerchief Table; Mahogany Chippendale Hanging Shelf; Mahogany Chippendale Highchair; Mahogany Chippendale Kettle Stand; Mahogany Chippendale Library Steps; Mahogany Chippendale Lolling Chair; Mahogany Chippendale Music Stand; Mahogany Chippendale Pedestal Desk; Mahogany Chippendale Pembroke table; Mahogany Chippendale Secretary; Mahogany Chippendale Settee; Mahogany Chippendale Side Chair; Mahogany Chippendale Slab Table; Mahogany Chippendale Slat-back Armchair; Mahogany Chippendale Slat-back Side Chair; Mahogany Chippendale slipper chair; Mahogany Chippendale Spider-leg Table; Mahogany Chippendale Stool; Mahogany Chippendale Tilt-top Piecrust Table; Mahogany Chippendale Tilt-top Table; Mahogany Chippendale Tripod Table; Mahogany Chippendale Two-Tiered Dumbwaiter; Mahogany Chippendale Wall Shelf; Mahogany Chippendale wing-back easy chair; Mahogany Chippendale Work Table; Mahogany Corner Cupboard; Mahogany Couch; Mahogany Cradle; Mahogany Demilune Side Table; Mahogany Dental Equipment Chest on Chest; Mahogany Dressing Glass; Mahogany Ducan Phyfe Side Chair; Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Klismos Armchair; Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Klismos Side Chair; Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Side Chair; Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Sofa Table; Mahogany Duncan Phyfe/Empire Pier Glass; Mahogany Early Georgian Reading Chair; Mahogany Embroiderer's Silk Reel; Mahogany Empire Box Stool; Mahogany Empire Footstool; Mahogany Empire Klismos Armchair; Mahogany Empire Revival Projection-front Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Empire Wine Stand; Mahogany End Table; Mahogany Federal Lolling Chair; Mahogany Federal music stand; Mahogany Folding Tray Table; Mahogany French Restauration High-post Bed; Mahogany French Restoration Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Gate-leg Table; Mahogany George III Tilt-top Supper Table; Mahogany Gothic Revival Occasional Table; Mahogany Gothic Revival Parlor Table; Mahogany Gout Stool; Mahogany Grand Piano; Mahogany Grecian Couch; Mahogany hall stand; Mahogany Hepplewhite Bowfront Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Hepplewhite Card Table; Mahogany Hepplewhite Demilune Card Table; Mahogany Hepplewhite Pembroke Table; Mahogany Hepplewhite Secretary; Mahogany Hepplewhite Secretary Bookcase; Mahogany Hepplewhite Shield-back Armchair; Mahogany Hepplewhite shield-back chair; Mahogany Hepplewhite Shield-back Side Chair; Mahogany Hepplewhite Side Table; Mahogany Hepplewhite Sideboard; Mahogany Hepplewhite Tambour Writing Table; Mahogany Hepplewhite Three-part Dining Table; Mahogany Hooded Cradle; Mahogany Jewelry Box; Mahogany Knitting Bowl; Mahogany Late Empire Armchair; Mahogany Lighthouse Alarm Clock; Mahogany Louis XVI Game Table; Mahogany Louis XVI Wine Table; Mahogany Magazine Rack; Mahogany Plate Stand; Mahogany Platform Rocker; Mahogany Queen Anne Armchair; Mahogany Queen Anne Basin Stand; Mahogany Queen Anne Bed Steps; Mahogany Queen Anne Dressing Table; Mahogany Queen Anne Fiddle-back Armchair; Mahogany Queen Anne Fiddle-back Side Chair; Mahogany Queen Anne Handkerchief Table; Mahogany Queen Anne Highboy; Mahogany Queen Anne Kneehole Desk; Mahogany Queen Anne Side Chair; Mahogany Queen Anne Slant-Front Desk; Mahogany Queen Anne Stool; Mahogany Queen Anne Tea Table; Mahogany Regency Breakfast Table; Mahogany Regency Dining Table; Mahogany Regency Drum Table; Mahogany Regency Etagere; Mahogany Regency Horseshoe Table; Mahogany Regency Nesting Table; Mahogany Regency Tea Table; Mahogany Renaissance Revival Armchair; Mahogany Renaissance Revival Settee; Mahogany Renaissance Revival Side Chair; Mahogany Restoration-style Trundle Bed; Mahogany Rococo Revival Hanging Corner Shelf; Mahogany Secretary; Mahogany Sheraton Basin Stand; Mahogany Sheraton Butler's Desk; Mahogany Sheraton Canopy Bed; Mahogany Sheraton Chess Table; Mahogany Sheraton Coffee Table; Mahogany Sheraton Corner Washstand; Mahogany Sheraton Demilune Console Table; Mahogany Sheraton Dressing Glass; Mahogany Sheraton Gentleman's Dressing Table; Mahogany Sheraton inlaid sofa; Mahogany Sheraton Knife Box; Mahogany Sheraton lolling chair; Mahogany Sheraton Octagonal Tilt-top Candlestand; Mahogany Sheraton Pedestal Table; Mahogany Sheraton Plate Stand; Mahogany Sheraton Shield-back Armchair; Mahogany Sheraton Shield-back Side Chair; Mahogany Sheraton Sideboard; Mahogany Sheraton Tester Bed; Mahogany Sheraton Torchere; Mahogany Sheraton Upholstered Armchair; Mahogany Sheraton Vitrine; Mahogany Sheraton Wine Cooler; Mahogany Sheraton Work Table; Mahogany Towel Stand with Towels; Mahogany Transitional Sheraton Canterbury; Mahogany Triangular Queen Anne Kettle Stand; Mahogany Victorian High Back Bed; Mahogany Victorian highchair; Mahogany Victorian Pump Organ; Mahogany Victorian Side Chair; Mahogany Victorian Slat-back Side Chair; Mahogany Wall Bracket; Mahogany Wastebasket; Mahogany Welsh Dresser; Mahogany William and Mary Table; Mail Order Catalogs - Farm and Montgomery Ward and CO.; Make-up Set; Mallard Duck Decoy; Mallet; Mallet Hammer; Man and Child Netsuke; Man's Hairbrushes; Manicure Set; Map; Maple 1940s T-Back Side Chair; Maple 1940s-style T-back Side Chair; Maple 1950s Armchair; Maple 1950s Sofa; Maple Adjustable Candlestand; Maple American Empire Chest of Drawers with Mirror; Maple American Empire Sleigh Bed; Maple Art Nouveau Wardrobe; Maple Arts and Crafts Side Chair; Maple Bauhaus Side Chair; Maple Bow-Back Windsor Side Chair; Maple Chippendale Chest of Drawers; Maple Chopping Block with Knives; Maple Comb-back Windsor Armchair; Maple Continuous-bow Windsor Armchair; Maple Early American Trundle Bed; Maple Empire Dining Table; Maple Empire Revival Wardrobe; Maple Fan-back Windsor Side Chair; Maple Fan-back Windsor Youth Side Chair; Maple Federal Fireplace and Mantel; Maple High-back Bed; Maple Highchair; Maple Hoosier Cabinet; Maple Jenny Lind Night Table; Maple Kitchen Cupboard; Maple Kitchen Table; Maple Knitting Bowl; Maple Ladder-back Side Chair; Maple Low-post Bed; Maple Ratchet Candlestand; Maple Reel; Maple Refectory Table; Maple Sack-back Windsor Armchair; Maple Shaker Side Chair; Maple Shaker Tripod Table; Maple Sheraton Armchair; Maple Sheraton Bookshelf; Maple Sheraton Canopy Bed; Maple Sheraton Console Table; Maple Sheraton Low-post Bed; Maple Sheraton Stepped Bookshelf; Maple Spindle Highchair; Maple Tavern Table; Maple Towel Stand; Marble Game; Maria Fell Folding Stand; Maritime Painting; Marshmallow Sofa; Martini Glass; Mattress; Mattress for 1930s Pink Painted Brass Crib; Mattress for Cherry Low-post Bed; Mattress for Crib; Mattress for French Restauration High-post Bed; Mattress for High-back Bed; Mattress for Jacobean Revival Panel Bed; Mattress for Low-post Bed; Mattress for Mahogany Sheraton Tester Bed; Mattress for Mahogany Victorian High-back Bed; Mattress for Restoration-style Trundle Bed; Mattress for Sheraton Canopy Bed; Mattress for Victorian Brass Bed; Mattress for Victorian High-back Bed; Mattress with Attached Pillow for Restoration-style Trundle Bed; Meat Grinder; Medallion Painting; Medallion Portrait; Medical Bag; Medicine Cabinet; Medieval Tapestry; Memories V Anniversary Diary; Men in Boat with Monkey Netsuke; Men's Loafers; Menorah; Meringue Pie; Metal Axe with Combination Crowbar; Metal Baby Carriage; Metal Bible Case with Bible; Metal Box with Etched Decoration; Metal Dress Form on Stand; Metal Female Pheasant Statue; Metal Male Pheasant Statue; Metal Trash Can with Lid; Metal Wall Clock; Metronome; Mexican Maracas; Milking Stool; Min Cream Drug Jar; Miner's Pan with Nugget; Mirror with Stand; Mirrored Shelves; Miss Convention Visitor"" Doll; Miss Merry Storybook; Mixer; Model Ship in Case; Modern Cinderella; Montgomery Ward & Co. catalog; Mountain Painting; Mounted Buffalo Head Trophy; Mounted Chamois Head Trophy; Mounted Deer Head Trophy; Mounted Elephant Head Trophy; Mounted Hippopotamus Head Trophy; Mounted Ibex Head Trophy; Mounted Lion Head Trophy; Mounted Longhorn Steer Horns; Mounted Moose Head Trophy; Mounted Mouflon Head Trophy; Mounted Okapi Head Trophy; Mounted Puma Head Trophy; Mounted Rhinoceros Head Trophy; Mounted Stag Head Trophy; Mounted Tiger Head Trophy; Mounted Wolf Head Trophy; Mr. Clutter Doll Holding Newspaper; Mrs. Clutter Doll; Muffin Pan; Mule Slipper; Mumtaz Mahal Portrait; My Diary; Napoleon Figurine; Native American Drums; Navy Blue Area Rug; Needlepoint in Mahogany Stand; Needlepoint Rug with Schooner; Needlepoint Throw Pillow; Needlework Stand with Needlework; Nelson-Style Bench; Neo-classical Fireplace and Mantel; Neo-Greek Curule Side Chair; Neoclassical Fireplace Mantel; Neoclassical roombox; Neoclassical Wall Mirror; New England Corner Shelf; New England Highchair; New England Painted Blanket Chest; Nixie Bunny Jointed Paper Cut-Out Box; Noguchi Table in Cherry; Nr. 41 Paimio; Nude Painting; Nude Watercolor; Nutmeg Grater; Nutmeg Grinder; Oak Elizabethan Chest; Oak Fireplace Fender; Oak Icebox; Oak Jacobean Hooded Cradle; Oak Spool Cabinet; Oak Umbrella Stand; Oblong Braided Rug; Oblong Latch Hook Rug; Ocean Painting; Octagonal Mission Library Table; Off-white & Brown Throw Rug; Off-white Hand-woven Yardage; Off-white Throw Rug; Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set; Oil Lamp; One-patch Quilt; Open Bible; Opera glasses (Lorgnettes); Opera-Style Glasses (Lorgnettes); Orange Basket with Handle; Orange Oriental Bowl with Brass Foot Ring; Orange Plaid Mattress; Organic Armchair; Oriental Card Table; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Birds; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemums; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Heron; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Herons; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Parrots; Oriental Cloisonne Vase with Peonies; Oriental Dining Table; Oriental Dragon Vase; Oriental Low Table; Oriental Plate on Stand; Oriental Prayer Rug; Oriental Rug; Oriental Rug with Central Medallion and Animal Motifs; Oriental Rug with Floral Medallion Center; Oriental Satsuma Octagonal Vase with Bamboo; Oriental Satsuma Vase with Maple Leaves; Oriental Saucers with Blue Prunus Blossoms; Oriental Tea Bowls with Blue Prunus Blossoms; Oriental Tea Set; Oriental Tea Table; Oriental Teapot with Blue Prunus Blossoms; Oriental Vase; Oriental Vase with Chrysanthemum; Oriental Vase with Chrysanthemums; Oriental Vase with Fish; Oriental Vase with Iris; Oriental Vase with Landscape; Oriental Vase with Maple Leaves and Black Band; Oriental Vase with Tree and Foliage; Oriental Yoke-back Armchair; Oriental Yoke-back Side Chair; Ottoman; Oval Braided Rug; Oval Enamel Portrait; Oval Portrait; Oval Tintype and Case; Oval Wood Box with Lid; Paint Box; Paint Palette and Paint Brush; Painted 1930s Bed; Painted 1930s Chest of Drawers with Mirror; Painted 1930s Dressing Stool; Painted Chest of Drawers; Painted Corner Chair; Painted Empire Side Chair; Painted German Folk Blanket Chest; Painted German Folk Cabinet; Painted German Folk Chest of Drawers; Painted German Folk Cradle; Painted German Folk Cupboard; Painted German Folk Side Chair; Painted German Folk Table Base; Painted German Folk Tester Bed; Painted Glass Punch Set; Painted Kitchen Safe; Painted Kitchen Table; Painted Low-back Windsor Arm Chair; Painted Metal Bathtub; Painted Metal Fireplace Tongs; Painted Pine Vegetable Stand; Painted Queen Anne Side Chair; Painted Serving Bowls (3); Painted Shaker Ladder-back Side Chair; Painted Shaker Ladder-back Youth Armchair; Painted Side Chair; Painted Tin Candle Sconce; Painting Easel; Painting of Girl at Prayer; Painting of Greek Ruins; Pair of Amber Glass Decanter Bottles; Pair of Black Boots; Pair of Blue Water Glasses; Pair of Blue Wine Glasses; Pair of Boots; Pair of Brandy Snifters; Pair of Brass Andirons; Pair of Ceramic Bone Dishes; Pair of Ceramic Bread-and-butter Plates; Pair of Ceramic Candlesticks; Pair of Ceramic Platters; Pair of Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers; Pair of Cordial Glasses; Pair of Corn-Stick Pans; Pair of Cowboy Boots; Pair of Drinking Glasses with Gold Rim; Pair of Dutch Clogs; Pair of Filled Coca Cola Glasses; Pair of Galoshes; Pair of Hanging Dead Mallards; Pair of Huaraches; Pair of Limoges Floral Saucers; Pair of Limoges Floral Teacups; Pair of Middle-Eastern Slippers; Pair of Ruby Glass Cordials; Pair of Ruby Glass Cornucopia; Pair of Ruby Glass Water Glasses; Pair of Ruby Glass Wine Glasses; Pair of Shoe Trees; Pair of Slip-on Shoes; Pair of Slippers; Pair of Snowshoes; Pair of Stained Glass Tiffany Window Panels; Pair of White Calumet Pipes; Pair of Women's Boots; Panton Chair; Parlor Lamp; Parlor Stove; Parlor with buffet, House of Seven Gables, Salem. Mass.; Patent Iron Wire Clinching Nails; Peacock; Pearl Necklace; Peas in the Pod; pedestal mirror; Pedestal Sink; Perfume Atomizer; Perfume Bottle; Petit Point Throw Pillow with Grecian Key Design; Pewter Candlestick; Pewter Candlestick with Candle; Pewter Creamer; Pewter Cup; Pewter Pitcher; Pewter Plate; Pewter Sugar Bowl; Pewter Tea Set; Pewter Tray; Philadelphia Empire Fireplace and Mantel; Photo Album; Photograph Album; Photograph Album of Anvers; Photograph Album of Coleraine; Photograph Album of Digby, Nova Scotia; Photograph Album of English Monarchy; Photograph Albums; Picasso Print; Picnic Table; Picture Frame; Picture of a Harbor and Sailing Ship; Pier Glass; Pierced Tin Lantern; Piggy Bank; Pillar and Scroll Clock; Pillow; Pillow for 1950s Bunk Bed; Pillow for High Back Bed; Pillow in Pillowcase; Pillow in White Pillowcase with Lace Edging; Pin with Crest; Pincushion with Pins; Pine Bed Key; Pine Bench; Pine Chair-table; Pine Chest of Drawers; Pine China Shelves; Pine Chippendale Windscreen Candlestand; Pine Colonial highchair; Pine Colonial Walk-in Fireplace and Mantel; Pine Commode Chair; Pine Corner Shelf; Pine Dresser; Pine Dry Sink; Pine Eastlake Washstand; Pine Empire Washstand; Pine Floor Loom; Pine Graduated Corner Etagere; Pine Graduated Etagere; Pine Hanging Shelf; Pine Hoosier Cabinet; Pine Kitchen Cabinet with Sink; Pine Ladder-back Side Chair; Pine Log Bench; Pine Loom Bench; Pine Louvered Screen; Pine Magazine Rack; Pine Moravian Folk-style Side Chair; Pine Pennsylvania-German Three-legged Side Chair; Pine Ratchet Candlestand; Pine Settle; Pine Shaker Standing Desk-on-Frame; Pine Side Chair; Pine Suspended Cradle; Pine Swift; Pine Three-legged Windsor Milking Stool; Pine Washstand; Pine Windsor Settee; Pink Baby Sweater, Bonnet and Booties; Pink Child's Sweater; Pink Oval Wastebasket; Pink Striped Bedspread with White Trim; Pipe Box; Pipe Charm; Pipe Tongs; Piso's Pocket Book Almanac for 1904-26th series; Plant on Plant Stand; Plaster Seal Cast of Classical Figure; Plaster Seal Cast of Gentleman; Plastic Elephant Figurine; Playing Cards; Pleat-Maker Set; Pliers; Plunger; Pocket Knife; Porcelain Covered Box; Porcelain Decorative Plate with Cottage Design; Porcelain Picture Plaque; Porcelain Spaniel; Porcelain Vase with Straw Flower Arrangement; Porcelain Virgin Portrait; Portable Television; Portrait of a Man; Portrait of George Washington; Portrait of two young girls; Portrait of Young Woman; Portrait Painting; Portrait Painting of Young Woman; Portrait Pendant of Boy; Portrait Pendant of Woman; Postcard Album; Pot Belly Stove; Potted African Violets; Potted Caladium; Potted Daffodils; Potted Daisy; Potted Flowering Plant; Potted Flowers; Potted Houseplant; Potted Jonquils; Potted Orange Tree with Fruit; Potted Pansy; Potted Red Flowers; Potted Red Rose Bush; Potted Red Rose Tree; Potted White Rose Tree; Potted Yellow-red Rose Bush; Pottery Dishes Set; Prayer Painting; Prayer Rug; Prescription Sheet; Press-back Side Chair; Prie-dieu; Print; Provincial Fireplace and Overmantel; Pumps; Purple Floral Doily; Purple Pin Cushion with Pins; Pussy Willows in Vase; Quaker Doll with the Gout; Queen Anne Camel-back Sofa; Queen Anne Combination Candleholder; Queen Anne Easy Chair; Queen Anne Fireplace and Mantel; Queen Anne Occasional Table; Queen Anne Secretary Cabinet; Radio; Rag Rug; Rainbow Plaid Throw Rug; Rake; RCA Cabinet Victrola; Recipe Box; Red and Clear Glass Punch Bowl Set; Red Bohemian Lustre; Red Buddha; Red Candy Dish; Red Devil; Red Fruit Arrangement; Red Glass Pitcher; Red Lantern; Red Metal Tricycle; Red Plastic Table Lamp with Shade; Red Telephone; Red Umbrella; Red Velvet Wing Chair; Regency Fireplace and Mantel; Regency Free-standing Fireplace; Regency Hanging Shelves; Regency Wine Cooler; Religious Print; Religious Wall Panel; Removable Cornice for Sheraton Tester Bed; Renaissance Revival Side Chair; Reverse Intaglio Glass Plaque; Ribbon Spools (7); River Painting; Roasting Kitchen; Robie House 1; Rocking Armchair Rod (RAR); Rocking Horse; Rococo Fireplace and Mantel; Rococo Floral Centerpiece; Rococo Revival Balloon-back Armchair; Rococo Revival Gentleman's Armchair; Rococo Revival Hall Stand; Rococo Revival Lady's Side Chair; Rococo Revival Settee; Rococo-Revival Gilt Pier Table; Rolling Pin; Rooster Netsuke; Rose Medallion Tea Set; Rosewood and mahogany spinet piano; Rosewood Display Cabinet with Model Ship; Rosewood Gothic Revival Center Table; Rosewood Hexagonal Birdcage Stand; Rosewood Louis XV Occasional Table; Rosewood Rococo Revival balloon-back armchair; Rosewood Rococo Revival center table; Rosewood Rococo Revival Gentleman's Armchair; Rosewood Rococo Revival Lady's Chair; Rosewood Rococo Revival slipper chair; Rosewood Rococo Revival tete-a-tete; Rosewood Sheraton Tea Caddy; Rosewood Square Piano; Roulette Wheel; Round Basket with Handle; Round Shaker Box; Round Silver Footed Tray; Round-Tipped Scissors; Rounded-Point Scissors; Rounded-top Trunk; Ruby Glass Bowl; Ruby Glass Compote; Ruby Glass Decanter; Ruby Glass Pitcher; Rug; Sack-back Windsor Armchair; Sack-back Windsor Highchair; Sack-back Windsor Settee; Sailboat Painting; Satsuma Bowl; Saucer; Scissors; Scissors Box with Scissors; Scottish Highland Bagpipes; ScotTissue Rolls (2); Scrap Book with Pictures; Sea Chest; Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog; Seascape Painting; Seaside Painting; Seated Figurine; Seated Male Oriental Figurine; Second Empire Gilt Center Table; Second Empire Gilt Chaise Longue; Second Empire Gilt Side Chair; Second Empire Gilt Tete-a-tete; Seltzer Bottle; Senneh Rug; Set of 4 Thimbles; Set of 8 Glass Goblets; Set of Betty Lamps on Adjustable Maple Stand; Set of Blue Water Glasses; Set of Books; Set of Clear Plates, Glasses and Decanters; Set of clear stemware glasses; Set of Coil-Constructed Green Glassware; Set of Cordial Glasses; Set of Cotton Towels; Set of Cut Crystal Glasses; Set of Encyclopedia Britannica (1-19); Set of Faux Books; Set of Fireplace Tools; Set of Five Candy Jars; Set of Five Silver Plates; Set of Four Clothing Patterns; Set of Four Porcelain Eggcups; Set of Four Wooden Goblets; Set of Four Wooden Plates; Set of Glass Tumblers in Holder; Set of Goblets; Set of green plates, glasses and decanters; Set of Leather-bound Blank Books; Set of Meissen Dishes in ""Onion"" Pattern; Set of Nested Cooking Pots; Set of Perfume Bottles; Set of Pewter Dinner Plates; Set of Reproduction Victorian Studio Portraits; Set of Round Doilies; Set of Six Lowestoft Dinner Plates; Set of Six Silver Canns; Set of Stereographs; Set of Sterling Silver Tankards; Set of The New York Times Newspapers; Set of Thirteen Golf Balls; Set of Three Ceramic Serving Bowls; Set of Twelve Pewter Tankards; Set of Wine Glasses; Set of Wooden Books; Sewing Basket; Sewing Bowl; Sewing Box; Sewing Machine; Sewing Thread Spool; Shah Jahan Portrait; Shaker Candle Holder Shelf; Shaker Hangers (4); Shaker Ladder-back Armchair; Shaker Ladder-back Side Chair; Shaker Ladder-back Youth Armchair; Shaker Meetinghouse Stove; Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, New York; Shaker Peg Rail (4); Shaker Sieve; Shaker Tailoring Counter; Shaker Towel Stand; Shaker Wood Box with Utensils; Shamrock Purse; Shears; Sheet; Sheet Music; Sheffield Breakfast Service; Sheraton Candlestand with Octagonal Firescreen; Sheraton Foot Tub; Sheraton Secretary; Ship Painting; Shovel; Shriner's Fez; Side Table; Silver Birdcage Clock; Silver Bowl; Silver Cake Basket; Silver Candelabrum; Silver Candle Snuffer; Silver Candlestick; Silver Candlestick with Candle; Silver Cann; Silver Chamberstick; Silver Compact; Silver Covered Serving Dish; Silver Creamer; Silver Flatware Set; Silver Four-arm Chandelier; Silver Frame; Silver Freeman Woods Covered Sugar Bowl; Silver Freeman Woods Creamer; Silver Ladle; Silver Paul Revere Saltcellar; Silver Pierced Fruit Basket; Silver Pitcher; Silver Queen Anne Armorial Sconce; Silver Queen Anne Candlestick; Silver Rectangular Tray; Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers; Silver Sugar Bowl; Silver Teapot; Silver Tray; Silver Vase; Silver Venison Plate; Silver William and Mary Candlestick; Silver-Colored Spittoon; Singer Treadle Sewing Machine; Six Brass Spools of Thread; Six Lowestoft Cups and Saucers; Six Painted Wooden Wine Bottles; Six Wooden Spools of Thread; Skaters Painting; Skeleton Netsuke; Sleepy Hollow chair; Small Burgundy Porcelain Ewer; Small Canton China Platter; Small Ivory Buddha; Small Tole Tray; Snake on Log Netsuke; Snare Drum; Snare Drum with two sticks; Snare Drums; Snowshoe; Soap Dish; Sousaphone; Southwestern Running Rug; Spalding Basketball; Sphinx Bookend; Spinning Rack with Spools; Spinning Wheel; Sponge in Dish; Square Lacquerware Tray; Stack of Calico Squares; Staggered Metal Plant Stand with Cacti; Stamp Collection; Standing Male Oriental Figurine; Star Cookies on Orange Serving Dish; Step-back Kitchen Cupboard; Step-on Trash Can; Stereoscope; Sterling Silver Ashtray with Cigarette; Sterling Silver Box; Still Life Painting; Still Life Watercolor Painting; Still-Life Painting; Still-Life Watercolor; Stoneware Jar; Storage Basket; Storm Painting; Stove Pipe for Victorian Parlor Stove; Strait Herald's Horn (Buisine); Striped Area Rug; Striped Pillow in Pillowcase; Striped Throw Rug; Studio Easel; Stuffed Tiger; Sugar Bowl and Spoons Set; Suitcase; Sundae and milkshake set; Sunset Painting; Suspended Barrel Cradle; Swabs Drug Jar; Swimmer Painting; Swirl-Stem Glass Candleholder; Synonyms and Antonyms book; T-square; Taj Mahal Painting; Tall Case Clock; Tammy's Telephone Directory; Tan & Black Throw Rug; Tan Throw Rug; Tan Wastebasket; Tea Urn; Teacup; Teakettle on Stand; Teal Wholecloth Quilt; Telephone Directories (3); Telephone Table; Telescope; Television on Stand; Tenor Saxophone; Textbooks in strap; The Boy Krishna Figurine; The Little Webster; The Little Webster Dictionary; The Model T Ford Car Booklet; The National Observer Magazine; The New Yorker Magazine; The Old Farmer's 1951 Almanac; The Piso Pocket Book Almanac for 1897; The Powers Patent Revolving Chimney Top; The Washington Family; Three Amber-Colored Ashtrays; Three Band-Aid boxes; Three Black-Handled Scissors; Three Crowns; Three Finger Cradle Scythe; Three Needlepoint Floss Squares; Three Red Glass Ashtrays; Three toothbrushes and Pepsodent; Three-Prong Hand Cultivator; Throw Rug; Tieback Curtains on Rod; Tiffany Lamp; Tiffany Lilies Table Lamp; Tiffany Pink Rose Lampshade; Tiffany Tree Table Lamp with Poppies Shade; Tiffany Twisted Vine Table Lamp with Hydrangea Shade; Tiffany Water Lily Lampshade; Tiki Mask; Timpani; Tin Mug; Tin Trunk; Tinder pistol; Tintype Portrait of Boy; Tintype Portrait of Girl; Tintype Portrait of Girl in Gilt Frame; Tintype Portrait of Man; Tintype Portrait of Woman; Tintype Portrait of Woman in Gilt Frame; Tintype Portrait of Woman in Hat; Tintype Portrait of Young Woman; Title#1; Toaster with toast; Toilet; Toilet Paper Roll with Dispenser; Toilet Set; Toolbox; Toothbrush; Toothbrush in Mug; Top Hat; Towel Bar; Townscape Painting; Toy Soldiers; Toy Top; Tracing Wheel; Transplanting Trowel; Trap Set; Tray of Rings; Tray of Watches; Treadle Sewing Machine; Treasure Trove Cabinet; Tree Painting; Treenware Bowl; Tres Riches Heures of Duke of Berry: February: Peasants before a fire; Trinket Box; Trombone; Trumpet; Tuba; Tudor Cupboard; Tufted Cotton Mattress for Child's Crib; Tufted Green Throw Pillow; Turkey; Twelve Loose Cigarettes; Twelve White Calumet Pipes; Two Ashtrays with Cigarettes; Two Ashtrays with one Cigar; Two Baby Shower Gifts and Rolls of Wrapping Paper; Two Blue Pendants; Two Cigarettes; Two Corn Cob Pipes; Two Cross Pendants; Two Crucifixes with Sunburst; Two Gifts Wrapped in Green Floral Paper; Two Gifts Wrapped in Multi-colored Paper; Two Gifts Wrapped in White Paper; Two Large Darning Eggs; Two Men and Monkey Netsuke; Two Needlepoint Floss Rolls; Two needles (in capsules); Two Photographs in Book Frame; Two Purple Thread Spools; Two Round-tipped Scissors; Two Settings of Silver Flatware and Cutlery; Two Sewing Needles in Cardboard; Two Sheets of Buttons; Two Silver Crosses with Sunburst; Two Silver-colored Corn Cob Pipes; Two Small Darning Eggs; Two Spools with Yarn Holder; Two Tiaras; Two-Tone Calumet Pipes; Umbrella; Underwood-style Typewriter; Upholstered Music Stool; Uppark, Sussex, The Dolls House; Urn; Vacuum; Vanity Set/ Dresser Set; Vase; Velvet Face Powder and Puff; Venetian Painting; Vertical spinning wheel; Victorian Bar Counter; Victorian Barback; Victorian Baroque Fireplace Mantel; Victorian Brass Bed; Victorian brass bed with four patch quilt; Victorian Brass Youth Bed; Victorian Cannon Ball Cast-metal Youth Bed; Victorian Children's Book Covers; Victorian Christmas Tree; Victorian Classical Revival Fireplace and Mantel; Victorian Cook Stove; Victorian Couch Bed; Victorian Cylindrical Commode; Victorian Fan; Victorian Ice-cream Parlor Chair; Victorian Ice-cream Parlor Table; Victorian ice-cream parlor table and chairs; Victorian Louis XVI Elbow Chair; Victorian Naturalistic Side Chair; Victorian Oil Lamp; Victorian Parlor Lamp; Victorian Parlor Stove; Victorian Picture Postcards; Victorian Renaissance Revival Nursing Rocking Chair; Victorian Rococo Revival Side Chair; Victorian Rococo Revival Slipper Chair; Victorian Scrapbook; Victorian Sheet Music Holder; Victorian Toilet with Pull Chain; Victorian Wall Shelf; Village Painting; Violin; Violin and Bow in Case; Violin Case; Violin, case and bow; Virgin and Child Medallion; Vise Clamp; Waffle Iron; Walking Stick; Wall Plaque; Walnut 17th-Century Ladies' Work Table; Walnut 1940s Side Table; Walnut American Empire Dining Table; Walnut Bellows; Walnut Chiffonier; Walnut Child's Rocker Commode Chair; Walnut Chippendale Bombe Chest of Drawers; Walnut Chippendale Spice Chest; Walnut Chippendale Tilt-top Table; Walnut Eastlake Parlor Table; Walnut Elizabethan-revival Crib with Canopy; Walnut French Restauration High-post Bed; Walnut Jacobean Dining Table; Walnut Night Table; Walnut Paneled Settee; Walnut Queen Anne Dropleaf Table; Walnut Renaissance Revival Gentleman's Rocking Chair; Walnut Spinning Wheel; Walnut Tilt-top Table; Walnut Washstand; Wardrobe; Washington Dolls' House & Toy Museum; Washington's Footed Tea Board; Washington's Tall Silver Candlestick; Water Glass; Webster Dictionary; Webster's Dictionary; Wedgwood Green Jasper Bowl; Wedgwood Pineapple Vase; Wedgwood Plaques; Wellington Pipe and Stand; Wheeling Broiler; White Ceramic Pitcher; White Ceramic Saucers (17); White Ceramic Washbowl; White Column Pedestal; White Crucifix; White Glass Towel Bar; White Louvered Screen; White Milk Glass Pitcher; White Porcelain Bathtub; White Unpeeled Potatoes; Wicker Hamper; Wild Geese Quilt; Wildflowers Painting; William and Mary Armchair; William and Mary Blanket Chest; William and Mary Chair-back Settee; William and Mary Side Chair; Wilson Football; Windsor Captain's Chair; Windsor Castle Painting on Metal Easel; Windsor Child's Commode Chair; Windsor Stool; Winter Churchyard Watercolor; Winter Painting; Wire Soap Dish and Bar of Soap; Wire Soap Dish with Soap; Woman's Wide-brim Hat; Womb Chair; Wood Cardinal Figurine; Wood Dress Form on Stand; Wood Easel; Wood Frame Foot Warmer; Wood Ironing Board; Wood Pipe; Wood Two-Tone Pipe; Wooden Bowl; Wooden Bucket; Wooden Candle Sconce with Candle; Wooden Pushalong Toy Set; Workbench with Tools; Working Scissors Charm; World Atlas book; Woven Wall Hanging; Wrench; Writing-arm Windsor Chair; Wrought Iron Long-Handled Baking Pan; Wrought Iron Soot Pan; Yacht Races Painting; Yardstick; Yarn Reel; Yellow Basket with Handle; Yellow Calumet Pipe; Yellow Chinese Export Plate with Birds; Yellow Glass Pitcher; Yellow Sink with Mirror; Youth Bed Mattress; Zebrawood George II Slant-front Desk