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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1972. Department of Agricultural Economics.


Copyright 1972, the author. Used by permission.


There have been notable changes in the beef industry in recent years. Formerly, farm operators produced and fattened many of their own calves, but now, weight of a calf plays an even bigger role in production.

Uncertainty about the level of future product prices in the beef industry has resulted in alternate periods of over production and underproduction. Prices vary due to seasonal variation of consumption, time period from gestation to birth to slaughter, as well as inconsistent supply and demand. The result of these variables is that small changes in quantity supplied produce large variations in product prices, which contributes to disorderly production. A solution is needed so that price patterns provide equality between marginal returns and costs.

The specific objectives of this study are as follows:

1) To evaluate the recent historical price relationship of the beef sector indicative of profit and loss conditions caused by disorderly aggregate performance in production and marketing;

2) To analyze the risks involved at various positions in the chain of production and marketing activities.

3) To suggest information and action programs which could reduce the amount of disorderly production and marketing.

Advisor: James B. Hassler