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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1953. Department of Agricultural Engineering.


Copyright 1953, the author. Used by permission.


The objective of this study is to establish fundamental relationships between climatological factors and consumptive use by an irrigated pasture.

The 8.8 acres used in this test is located at the College of Agriculture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. It lies north of Holdrege Street, east of the Agricultural College Campus, and a short distance south of the dairy barns.

During the summers of 1951 and 1952, research was conducted at the University of Nebraska on the use of weather factors in the prediction of irrigation need, on a field basis for the interval between irrigations. Various weather factors were recorded and consumptive use was measured by taking soil moisture samples within the test area.

The information obtained in the study of irrigation requirement and weather factors was used to test one of the methods developed to predict the monthly consumptive use. Although the pasture was successfully irrigated for 2 seasons using the Blaney-Criddle method to predict consumptive use, a statistical analysis of the data obtained indicated that the method did not prove entirely satisfactory so several new relationships between the consumptive use-rate and weather factors were developed.

Advisor: L. W. Hurlbut