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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1946. Department of Geography.


Copyright 1946, the author. Used by permission.


Plattsmouth, Nebraska is one of the earliest cities founded in eastern Nebraska and for over ninety years it has been the leading city in Cass County. Starting as a stopping place on a freighting route, this city, located at the junction of the Platte and Missouri rivers has successively been a river, railroad, and highway town. This study presents an evaluation of the development and present functions of the city.

In the course of a field trip taken in 1942 under the direction of Dr. Esther S. Anderson, a visit was made to Plattsmouth, Nebraska. At that time the writer was impressed by the remarkable topographic adjustments within the city, the strategic location of the city, and the dominance of old buildings in the city. The actual field work was started in December, 1945 and completed in May, 1946.

Numerous maps, records, and hitherto unused manuscripts have been used as well as a voluminous amount of published material. Numerous surveys and interviews were conducted in Plattsmouth and in other sections of Cass County.

Advisor: Leslie Hewes