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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1949. Department of Secondary Education.


Copyright 1949, the author. Used by permission.


The problem of this study was to determine the status of the mathematics teachers in Nebraska high schools for the school year 1946-1947. Data were gathered regarding the positions held by mathematics teachers, the sex of mathematics teachers, the salary, experience, tenure, teaching load, combination of mathematics with other subject-matter fields, activities sponsored, and the preparation for teaching of mathematics teachers. It was considered of importance to determine the status of the teacher in terms of size of school enrollment.

Data were collected from the reports of teachers and administrators to the Registrar’s office, University of Nebraska, and also to the Nebraska Department of Public Instruction. The forms ‘A’ and ‘C’ were examined for mathematics teachers of all Nebraska high schools. Data obtained from all available forms were compiled in tables which give information on various phases of this problem.

As a means of analyzing data more significantly, five classifications of schools according to size of enrollment were arbitrarily established. Class I schools were those of 301 and up; Class II, 151-300; Class III, 76-150; Class IV, 51-75, Class V, 1-50.

This study is limited to the mathematics teachers of Nebraska high schools whose records were available at the office of the Registrar of the University of Nebraska, and the Nebraska State Department of Public Instruction.

The study includes mathematics teachers of public high schools, parochial high schools, and teacher training institution high schools, as far as information was available. The study was made of the school year 1946-1947. Although some reports were not complete in every detail these reports were included because of the value of other items regarding these particular teachers.

Advisor: Galen Saylor