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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1947. Department of Vocational Education.


Copyright 1947, the author. Used by permission.


Child development is an integral part of homemaking education. This study was made in the hope that it would prove helpful to the teachers, supervisors and educational leaders in the state of Nebraska, in improving the quality and quantity of child development teaching in the state. Class secretaries’ books and state reports were sued to secure information. The data are limited since comprehensive reports were not kept in all schools. The data have been limited to the study of the pre-school child, although the importance of the study of older children is recognized. The investigation also includes child development classes for adults, sponsored by the high school vocational homemaking teacher.

Ninety-four Nebraska vocational homemaking schools which include 98 departments were used in this study. Thirty, or nearly one-third offered the two-year program while 68, offered the three-year program. In addition to these vocational departments there were 88 schools offering a non-reimbursed homemaking program. There were 310 schools in the state offering no work in home economics.

Advisor: Florence Corbin