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Leroy T. Laase

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John H. Wiley

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An Option II Paper Presented to the Faculty of The Department of Speech and Dramatic Art Of the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of' Master of' Arts, Under the Supervision of' Dr. Leroy T. Laase and Dr. John H. Wiley. Lincoln, Nebraska: March, 1963.

Copyright (c) 1963 Willa Lewis


There is a definite need for research in the area of communication and the aging. Although this paper is not the result of active. research, it is concerned with creating a better personal understanding and social awareness of the communicative disturbance associated with the process of aging. Those disorders which prevail as the major disrupters of communication and longevity will be discussed. Specific objectives of the paper are the following: (1) to develop and clarity the communicative areas of hearing, language, articulation, and voice as they apply to the course of aging; (2) to discuss these areas as they are altered by the ensuing conditions, presbyacusis; phonemic regression; phonatory changes associated with pitch, duration, and laryngestomized speech; cerebral involvement with emphasis upon aphasia, senile dementia, and arteriosclerosis; oral-facial-speech problems; and (3) to consider the etiology, nature, and prognosis of these disorders.

Advisors: Leroy T. Laase and John H. Wiley