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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1974. Department of Agricultural Economics.


Copyright 1974, the author. Used by permission.

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The general objective of this study is to enhance the existing capabilities of a financial information system for farm supply firms. The standardized data will be useful to managers in reviewing and comparing the historical performance and in planning changes in the organization and activities of their firm. Specific steps to fulfill the general objective are: 1) Review the financial information system for farm supply firms developed by the University of Missouri and makes revisions and additions to the basic computer program, 2) Develop a coding form for input data that is a compatible with farm supply firms’ accounting records and the revised computerized systems.

To design and develop this code the author examined typical accounting systems used by farm supply firms in Nebraska. Accounting data was then gathered from a Nebraska farm supply firm to test the input form and the program.A continuing financial analysis comparison form was developed for the manager to use.Figures from program printouts can be transferred to this form for intrafirm financial comparisons with previous accounting periods.

Finally two proposed publications were written: the first to introduce managers to the financial data summary and the analysis system and what it can do for them, and the second publication to explain the computerized output from the system and how it should be interpreted by managers.

Advisor: P. W. Lytle