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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1967. Department of Agronomy.


Copyright 1967, the author. Used by permission.


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of 2,3,5-triiodobenzoic acid on the structure of the soybean plant and to correlate certain gross morphological with histological changes occurring within the plant. Two,3,5-triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA) was applied as a broadcast application at one ounce per acre at the six trifoliate leaf stages on two soybean varieties, Clark and Wayne.

The influence of TIBA on the growth patterns of soybeans may be explained by inhibition of the native auxin by TIBA. TIBA did not modify tissues developed late in the life of the plant; this was believed due to metabolic degradation of TIBA to the extent that it did not have effects on later morphogenesis.

Advisor: W. L. Colville.