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Thesis (M.S.)–University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1963. Department of Agronomy.


Copyright 1963, the author.Used by permission.


Streak mosaic virus of wheat is recognized as one of the common diseases of wheat in the Great Plains area.Many papers have appeared on various aspects of the disease caused by the virus in the last 30 years although it was not recognized as a specific disease until about 15 years ago.Its effect on various winter wheat varieties has been studied by many people.Most of the emphasis, however, has been on yield.

In this experiment, the quantitative aspect of the effect of wheat streak mosaic virus on various characteristics of winter wheat was studied.From the results of this experiment, it is concluded that NSMV affects to a great extent certain agronomic characteristics of winter wheat, particularly yield.It also is concluded that the varieties differed in their response to the virus.

Advisor: D.P. McGill