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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1957. Department of History.


Copyright 1957, the author. Used by permission.


Late in the second decade of the twentieth century, the United States faced a “crisis of the old order”. This was a very significant phase in its history because here, a nation which had generally accepted the national approach to economics, encountered unparalleled chaos which could not be overcome by means of the past.

This investigation is focused on a political party—the Democratic—as it threw off the elements of the “old order” and made changes in the world of politics.One phase of this evolution that exemplified its complex nature was the tariff. This is a study of the processes through which the Democrats and their leaders passed in the formulation of a modern trade program designed to help smother the flames of worldwide depression.To some extent, it is the story of one man and his refusal to give up a fight for what he believed was the answer to a crying need.

Advisor:James L. Sellers