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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1952. Department of Geology.


Copyright 1952, the author. Used by permission.


It is the purpose of this report to utilize the Geiger-counter X-ray spectrometer and the electron microscope to analyze samples of pure clay minerals and compare the results with those reported in the literature, and then to apply these methods and results to analyze the clay content of clays found in the Chadron formation. One sample from the Brule clay and a sample of bentonite from the Pierre shale also were tested for comparison. X-ray diagrams and electron micrographs of an equal mixture of these three clay minerals show that the characteristics of each mineral group are retained and can be distinguished. This investigation, considered together with the results of work done by Paul Tyschen on the Brule formation, suggests that the clay mineral content of the sediments of the White River group in western Nebraska is predominantly montmorillonite.

Advisor: A. L. Lugn