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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1942. Department of Chemistry.


Copyright 1942, the author. Used by permission.


The reactions of dimethyl mucate, mucic acid mono-lactone, and 2,5 diacetyl disaccharolactone with diamines was investigated as a means of producing intermediates for the production of polymers corresponding to nylon.

Di ethylene mucyl diamide was prepared from dimethyl mucate and ethylene diamine and its structure proven by the analysis of its dihydrochloride.

The following compounds were prepared by reacting mucic acid mono-lactone with diamines:

(1). Mono ethylene diamine mucyl diamide monohydrate.

(2). Mono benzidine mucyl monamide.

(3). Mono piperazine mucyl monomide.

(4). Mono p-phenylene diamine dimucyl monomide.

Compounds (3) and (4) were not obtained pure enough for carbon-hydrogen analysis.

Compound (1) unlike the others was a cyclic monomer.

The reaction between 2,5 diacetyl disaccharolactone and ethylene diamine was attempted.A syrup was obtained which would not crystallize and was never characterized.

The possibility of using these compounds as intermediates in the production of polymers has not been investigated sufficiently to justify any positive statements.

Advisor: W. E. Militzer