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Thesis (M.M.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1963. Department of Music.


Copyright 1963, the author. Used by permission.


This thesis analyzes the themes from the music piece Allegro for Trumpet and String Orchestra. The main theme or “A” theme of the Allegro for Trumpet and String Orchestra is announced by the trumpet in Measure 1. Two subordinate themes are derived from the material of the “A” theme. A1 exploits the percussive possibilities of the main theme; A2 is in a lyric style while the rapid arpeggiated sixteenth notes remain characteristic of the “A” theme.

Development of the “A” section begins at Measure 51. This section is closed by a restatement of “A” and six measure transition to the “B” theme which appears in the trumpet part at Measure 156.

A transition beginning at 190 follows the “B” section. The transition is in the style of A1. A statement and development of the “A” theme occurs at the end of the transition and leads to the recapitulation of the main themes (Measure 219).

At Measure 264, a transition from the recapitulation to the coda is built around a modified form of the “A” theme in the strings and a development of A1 which goes into 3/8 to give momentum to the end.

The coda begins at Measure 298.

Advisor: Robert Beadell