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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1950. Department of Chemistry.


Copyright 1950, the author. Used by permission.


There are three major problems addressed in this thesis. 1) A study of the reaction of the isomeric ethylene imine ketones under conditions that might be used in competitive reactions. 2) To determine which isomer reacts most readily with certain carbonyl reagents.To attempt then to use this information in deciding the stereochemical configurations of the isomers. 3) To crystallize the β-isomer of l-benzyl-2-phenyl-3benzoyl ethylene imine in order that the study in the series could be completed.The experiment conducted took several varying chemicals in order to determine if they proved or disproved several prevalent theories in the field. Among several observations made from the experiments, the study looks to Tiffeneau’s principle and determines in what ways that it is not strictly applicable to the Grignard reactions of β-isomers of the ethylene imine ketones studies.

Advisor: N. H. Cromwell