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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1951. Department of Chemistry.


Copyright 1951, the author. Used by permission.


This study has been made to determine the solubility relationships that exist between dioxane, water, and isobutyl alcohol at a temperature of 25centigrade. At this temperature isobutyl alcohol and water are only partially miscible. By weight, isobutyl alcohol is soluble in water to the extent of 8.12% and water is soluble in isobutyl alcohol to the extent of 17.01%. Mixtures with gross composition that lies between these two extremes will separate into two phases. One phase will be a saturated solution of water in alcohol. Dioxane at this temperature is completely misicible. Determining the ternary solubility curve for dioxane, water, and isobutyl alcohol at 25is the aim of this thesis.

Advisor:E. R. Washburn