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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1931. Department of School Administration.


Copyright 1931, the author. Used by permission.


The author of this thesis argues that the school systems in the state of Nebraska would benefit from a system in which the superintendent of each school system were to have a more longstanding term of office than the contemporary standard of around one year.The author discusses the arguments made in favor of a one year tenure and explains by use of example from other school systems why those reasons are not sound.A study is then conducted in order to show whether or not there exists a relationship between the tenure of a superintendent and the effectiveness of his school and also to determine if schools with a policy to retain its superintendents for a term of years increase the overall educational efficiency of those schools.

In order to achieve this, the author of the study send out questionnaires to one hundred and fifty-five schools in Nebraska with from ten to twenty-five teachers.From these eighty-nine replies were received.The schools were then classified into the following four categories: 1. Short Tenure of Superintendents. 2. Long Tenure of Superintendents. 3. Long Tenure of Superintendents Based on Term Contracts. 4. Unclassified Tenure of Superintendents.The other then took in the results of the questionnaires, and compared the results in order to prove or disprove his argument.