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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1972. Department of Political Science.


Copyright 1972, the author. Used by permission.


In Douglas County, Nebraska the Democratic Party controls a majority according to the registration rolls, and yet the County rarely appears in the Democratic column after all the ballots are counted.It is a majority party on paper only; the raw material for building electoral victory is present, but the finished product is seldomly realized.The natural question which comes to mind is: Where do the Democrats disappear to on election day?

This work is a case study dealing with Democratic voter-leakage; it has two objectives to fulfill: 1) the presentation of original research on Democratic voter-leakage in Douglas County, Nebraska; and 2) an attempt to test the validity of three general hypotheses which outline the problem and relevant factors which are involved in the problem of Democratic Party voter-leakage.

The text of this study is divided into four major parts.The first chapter outlines the framework within which the research was conducted.The second chapter describes the extent of the voter-leakage problem faced by the Democratic Party in Douglas County. The third chapter is an attempt to formulate some hypotheses which explain Democratic voter-leakage and the testing of these hypotheses against the voter behavior of the Douglas County electorate.The fourth major part of the text deals with those apparent exceptions to the hypotheses regarding Democratic voter-leakage.

Advisor: Robert F. Sittig