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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1940. Department of Vocational Education.


Copyright 1940, the author. Used by permission.


The purpose of this thesis is to determine the subject matter that should be included in a teaching unit on soil and moisture conservation for boys in high school.The basis for the unit is the need for instruction as shown by a study of certain well-distributed farms in the patronage area of the Malvern, Iowa high school.

The patronage area of the Malvern high school was chosen as a type for this study because the writer, a former teacher of vocational agriculture for seven years in the Beatrice, Nebraska high school, is now employed by the United States Soil Conservation Services and stationed in Malvern. Then, too, the farms in this study are located in a community where the effects of erosion are apparent and where the Soil Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture is carrying on erosion control demonstrations.

The data secured from the farms in the study will serve as illustrations of the technique used in determining vocational teaching material for farm boys. Data pertaining to soil and moisture losses and their effects upon soil fertility and crop yields are the bases for determining the teaching material to be included in the unit on conservation.Practices that have been proven through experimental work to be effective in controlling and remedying the destructive action of erosion will also be included.

Advisor: Loyd K. Fischer