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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1947. Department of Agricultural Engineering.


Copyright 1947, the author. Used by permission.


There is a definite need for an instrument with the ability to measure the moisture content in hay. Such an instrument should have the following essential features:

(1) The ability to give an almost instantaneous reading.

(2) Accuracy within reason.

(3) Minimal or no complicated adjustments to be made during use.

(4) Intuitive design and operation to allow anyone to use the instrument, without special training.

(5) Portability.

To fulfill the requirements of this specific problem, one should be able to use this instrument to determine the moisture content at any point inside a bale of hay without the use of any samples.

After closely analyzing the methods previously used to resolve this issue, it was decided that use of an electrical method would be worth exploring further.

Advisor: F. D. Yung