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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1948. Department of Agronomy.


The Rural Economic Department, University of Nebraska, after a study of sugar beet production records, concluded that the area immediately in the vicinity of Gering, Nebraska, produced sugar beets consistently low in sugar percentage. In addition, the area near the Costin and Haig sugar beet dumps produced sugar beets of below average sugar content. It was suggested that the low percentage of sugar in the sugar beets produced in these areas may be due to an excess of available nitrogen in the soil, to an inadequate supply of available phosphorus in the soil, or to a lack of balance of available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. In order to test these ideas, three experiments were conducted to determine the influence of nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the soil on the sugar percentage of sugar beets.

Advidor: H. F. Rhoades.