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Thesis (M.S.W.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1948. Department of Social Work.


Copyright 1948, the author. Used by permission.


The subject of this study is “The Development and Use of Standards for Licensing of Private Child-caring and Child-placing Agencies in Nebraska.”The scope of the project is limited to a study of the history, procedure, and methods of licensing, and the development of standards and their use in Nebraska.The main emphasis of the study will be on the development of the Nebraska program during the last ten years.

The following sources and materials were used in making the study:

  1. General overall reading about licensing, the need for it, and its beginning as well as methods and procedures.

  2. A study of the several acts of the legislature.

  3. The study of confidential records and file material on licensing and standards available within the Department of Assistance and Child Welfare. This includes material from reports on each particular agency.

  4. Interviews with the chief of the Division of Child Welfare, as well as an interview with a member of the Children’s Code Commission as of 1920.

  5. Use of annual and biennial reports from various departments.

  6. Use of material from the Children’s Bureau and the Child Welfare League of America on licensing and standards.

At the present time there are 24 licensed child-caring and child-placing agencies in Nebraska.These agencies had 2,071 children under care as if March 1, 1948.

In the following pages it is the writer’s hope that she can give a picture of the licensing program of private child-caring and child-placing agencies in Nebraska, and give her readers some of the “feel” of what goes on between public and private agencies.

Advisor:Frank Z. Glick