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Thesis (M.M)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1961. Department of Music.


Copyright 1961, the author. Used by permission.


The purpose of this study is to compare the piano etudes of Chopin and Debussy.The adopted plan consists of two basic discussions: (1) Developments leading up to the composition of the etudes.This includes a discussion of the development of the etude form in Chapter II, plus mechanical developments of the piano and parallel trends in piano playing in Chapter III. (2) Discussion of the etudes themselves.This includes the origin of the works in Chapter IV, and comparison of the pianistic styles and musical styles in Chapter V and VI respectively.

The author used for this comparison the Student’s Edition by Alfred Cortot of the Chopin Etudes, Opus 10 and 12 (35), and the Durand Edition of the Debussy Études, Books I and II.(36)

Advisor:Thomas Fritz