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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1942. Department of Agronomy.


Alfalfa is known to be a naturally cross-pollinated crop that exhibits loss of vigor following selfing and often shows heterosis following hybridization. Self-sterility is recognized in alfalfa, but few or none of the workers have included the frequency of occurrence, the mode of expression, and the inheritance of this phenomenon within the scope of their investigations. Fundamental knowledge of the nature of self-sterility would be of consequence in all phases of alfalfa breeding and would provide a scientific foundation for the commercial production of hybrid alfalfa seed.

This paper reports surveys of the self-fertility of large populations of open-pollinated and inbred alfalfa plants and the female sterility and cross-incompatibility of twenty-one self-incompatible individuals.

Advisor: H. M. Tysdal.